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Desktop Destroyer by Isotope244 Graphics is a freeware screensaver that takes a snapshot of your desktop and adds various explosions that make it look like your desktop is being destroyed. Desktop Destroyer 1.0.1 - Reduce stress by shooting your desktop. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Snapseed For Mac Free Download here. Download Helper For Mac Firefox.

Though it claims to blast your desktop into thousands of pieces in spectacular fashion, this screensaver turns out to be a yawn, especially when you consider the trial limitations. Though we were expecting a dramatic effect, all this screensaver really did was slowly zoom in on an image of our desktop and slowly rotate it--not exactly what we thought of when we heard the word destroy.

You can specify the number of fragments to supposedly break your desktop into, but you won't find any other settings, including those for music. The trial version also adds a large and annoying nag message to the bottom of the screensaver and won't let you destroy your own images, limiting you to the default. We were glad that, unlike many similar programs, this one didn't bundle adware, but we still think most of the default screensavers found in Windows are better than this one.

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