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• Click the Try for free button. • Select For home or For business, depending on how you'll use it. • Choose TRY 1-MONTH FREE on the next page. • If asked, sign in to your Microsoft account.

Buy & download the Office 365 or Office 2016 version that’s right for you at the. It's not a trial! PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and more on your PC, Mac. More than just email Outlook for Mac now syncs your Google calendars and contacts. System requirements for Outlook 2016 for Mac. Outlook 2016 for Mac, the latest iteration of the email and calendaring app, is a worthwhile upgrade for existing users. But if you don't already use Outlook. Get help with your Outlook 2016 for Mac questions, and see what others are asking. If an update is found, download and install it. Restart Outlook.

• It's easy to make a if you don't already have one. • Note: If you get a message that reads, 'Sorry, this offer is for new customers only,' you'll need to log in under a different email address than the one you used the last time you requested a free trial.

Download Outlook For Mac Trial

• Click Next on the first screen. • Choose a payment method: Credit card or debit card, Bank account, or PayPal. • Note: Remember that you are not paying right now. You're only storing your information so that should you decide to subscribe to Office 365 on a yearly basis after the trial, you can just let the trial expire and the subscription start automatically.

We'll look at cancelling the trial below. • Follow the on-screen steps to add your payment information. • Click Subscribe to actually start the trial. • Once you're on the My page, use the Install >button to get to the download page.

If you ever downloaded the trial, you cannot download again. We've had a few users that downloaded the trial and it timed out a couple of days later. We have never discovered a way to fix that issue. The only way you could download the trial and test would be to create a new partition on your drive, install OS X and update then download the trial.

Download Mac Os Theme For Windows 7 64 Bit on this page. It only takes about 20GB to do this, but you would have to boot into that partition to use. Then you wouldn't have any of your other files. So the time to do this might not be worth the effort.

Considering that Office 2014 will be out in approx one year you might want to wait and get the newer version of Office. Outlook is v1 and should be much improved in the next version. Also note that Outlook is not included in H&S version. You have to buy H&B to get Outlook.