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One of the best PC games of all time just got better--because it's free. Valve Well here's some interesting timing. Just days after I finished playing Portal for the very first time (more on that in a bit), Steam is offering the game absolutely free. Specifically, from now until September 20, you can. Yesterday, it would have cost you $10. Express Vpn Download Mac Free.

Portal for Mac, free and safe download. Portal latest version: An unforgettable 3D puzzle experience. Portal 2 Torrent Download for FREE - Portal 2 FREE DOWNLOAD on PC with a single click magnet link. Portal 2 is an action game requiring strategic thinking.

How To Download Portal 2 For Free Mac

Update: Many readers have reported difficulty signing up for a Steam account. My only suggestion is to keep trying, as I'm sure Steam's servers are overloaded. I'll update further if I learn anything more. Update #2: Steam tech support just tweeted this fix: 'Please install the Steam client and try creating the account that way.' Reader Robert reports that this worked for him! In case you're not familiar with it, Portal is regarded by many (myself included) to be one of the best games of all time.. IGN called it 'quirky, clever, polished, and presented with a spark of a subtly evil humor.'

How To Download Portal 2 For Free

It was originally part of Valve's The Orange Box bundle, then later a $20 standalone game. Now it's free, free, oh glorious free! And not just for PCs, but also for Macs. (Speaking of which, check out Rich Brown's interesting.) The one and only string attached is that you'll need a free Steam account and Valve's Steam download client. Hardly a string at all, if you ask me. This generous giveaway is probably a Steam-powered effort to drive Portal 2 sales. That blockbuster sequel.

Gotta say, I'm majorly tempted, but I know if I wait a while, it'll drop to $20, and then to $10. (Not sure I want to wait that long, though.) As I mentioned just the other day, it took a couple tries before I could get my brain to work the way Portal needs it to work (i.e. Without a machine-gun). Once the synapses locked into place, however, I got totally sucked into this ingenious, imaginative, and frequently funny game. If you haven't had the pleasure, do yourself a favor and grab Portal while it's free. I guarantee that after you work through the first couple levels, you'll see what all the fuss is about. Now, excuse me while I go enjoy some cake.

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3: That's right, peeps--number three! Overstock has the 'certified pre-owned', plus $1 for shipping--officially the lowest price I've seen yet. It comes with a one-year warranty, and based on a recent experience using one, I can report that B&N's customer service is excellent.