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Lion King Game Download Mac

Sega teamed up with Disney for this handheld adaptation of last summer's smash movie, The Lion King. While not as spectacular-looking as the 16-bit versions of the cart, this game is worth purring over. I Just Can't Wait To Be King The story line follows the movie's: Simba can't wait to be king, and then his father is murdered by evil Unde Scar. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Mac Download.

Now Simba must reclaim Pride Rock and overthrow Uncle Scar. As in the movie, Simba ages from junior cub to full-grown lion. The game's ten levels are straight from the film. As a cub, Simba races through the Pridelands, the Can't Wait to be King scene, the Elephant Graveyard, the Wildebeest Stampede, Exile, and Hakuna Matata. Once he's grown, he returns from exile to battle jungle enemies like hyenas, bugs, wildebeests, and, finally, the nefarious Scar himself. In this hop-n-bop game, Simba uses a few simple but effective moves as a cub-a pounce, roar, and roil.

As an adult lion, he can also slash his enemies with his paw. The controls are precise and easy to master. All are one-button moves, except for the adult slash attack. Picture Perfect Lion King's graphics are Disney quality. Despite the itty-bitty size of Simba's sprite, his moves and animations are great for a handheld game. The beautifully drawn backgrounds in each level include great detail, like the elephant bones in the graveyard. Some clever compromises from the Genesis version, like the side-view Wildebeest Stampede, work well within the confines of the Game Gear.

You can't expect stereoquality tunes on a Game Gear, but Lion King's tunes are surprisingly hummable. Ten to one you still get tired of'em, though-that tinny music gets old even if you do like the songs. The Mane Event All in all, Lion King's a great Game Gear cart. Ten levels of play is more than the average Game Gear fare, and the game's challenge ramps up gradually, making it just fine for a range of players. It doesn't look as good as the 16-bit carts, but Sega can take great pride in the results. ProTips: • During the bonus stage, gobble up the pellets and dodge the bugs.

• To get through the Mane Event, you just have to find most of the monkeys, then roar at them. The puzzles aren't complicated at all. • In the Wildebeest Stampede, wait until the group of three beasts runs by before you try to leap across the long gaps. • Use bones in the Elephant Graveyard ceiling to navigate past difficult areas. • Roar at Porcupines to make them Rip over, then pounce on them.

• In the Pridelands, head up and to the top right to escape. Swing from flames to climb. The Genesis version of The Lion King will delight your eyes and ears with exceptional graphics and sound.

Lion King Game Download Mac

But if you're thinking of running out and buying it for your youngest brothers and sisters (you know, Disney and all), think again. Except at the very beginning, Lion King's game play isn't geared for beginners. Take Pride As Simba, junior king of the jungle, you snarl and cavort through ten levels of action/adventure play, with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure. The story line identically follows the film: Simba has been exiled by evil Uncle Scar, and players guide the cub to adulthood and help him regain his lost kingdom, Pride Rock. ProTip: In this version of Lion King, you can skip across the animal stack the easy way.

At the left-hand edge of the stack, leap and grab the blue hippo's face. Climb up and across and avoid all that tail-swingin' stuff.