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Spider-Man once learned that powerful forces come with great responsibility, but Uncle Ben did not know what he was talking about. The whole point of having super powers is to abuse them at the roughest. And there is the answer to how the developer Volition managed to surpass the sprinkled crazy predecessor “Saints Row: The Third”: with super powers, aliens and a lot of smart satire. This has been a great year for humor in games, ranging from “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” to “Deadpool” – but “Saints Row IV” will still be the most fun. Here the story of the Third Street Saints street is drawn to its logical conclusion, while the game series is drawn in completely new directions. After being criminal superstars with their own soft drinks, it’s just a place to go -The white house!

Saints Row 4 Beta Download for PC, Xbox, MAC & PS3 Website: Download PC Demo. Steam Achievements. Saints Row IV is to Saints Row: The Third what Saints Row: The Third is to Do The Right Thing.

Automatic resident During the first hour, Saints boss Benjamin King saved the United States from total destruction after despatching a flying atomic bomb to the tones of Aerosmith’s “I Do not Want to Miss a Thing” (yes, a kind of parody of Michael Bay’s Armageddon). Something like this will automatically be chosen as the next president of the United States, and five years later The Saints moved into the White House. As they naturally have baptized into The White Crib – complete with strip bars, purple decor, a kettle and theme song in the “The West Wing” style. However, President Benjamin King’s support has drastically decreased after a series of verbal flaws, despite the fact that he has just cure cancer (or possibly fought with all famine, the choice is yours). Press secretary Kinzie Kensington summoned a press conference to explain why the hedonist president recently suggested changing America’s allegiance to “One Nation Under Me”. But then the United States is suddenly attacked by arrogant aliens with British accent, led by the snowy dictator Zinyak. Download Tera Mac more.  After unleashing a number of UFOs on the lawn outside the White House, President Benjamin is abducted by Zinyak, along with much of the cabinet. He wakes up in an absurd version of the fifth century “small town USA”, with knitted vest and silly mime. Everything turns out to be a virtual world created by the galactic warrior Zinyak, and just a temporary stopover before we are dumped into a virtual edition of Steelport.

Yes, just like “The Matrix”, just with more ball park. With the help of the computer killer Kinzie, it does not take long before we learn to exploit the weaknesses of this digital world and use them to develop super powers. Super forces in the complete chaos You can suddenly jump over tall buildings, fly for shorter periods and run faster than a freight train. Afterwards, one can also move things with thought force, and slay people hundreds of meters into the air. As well as creating explosions, freezing enemies into ice, and much more festive that transforms the “Saints Row” universe into a sociopathic mix of “Infamous” and “Prototype”. It may sound strange, but everything works out of all expectations – and spin the whole game mechanics on the head. You are developing these supercrafts by picking up glowing bits of data code called Clusters, which of course is just a light disguised edition of the way you collected Orbs in Crackdown. Okay, since collecting Orbs was the funniest and most addictive form of Crackdown. There you have the whole philosophy of “Saint Row IV”: you have picked the best out of a number of other games and put it together in a playpen that will make every effort to make the most of your fun.

Saints Row 4 Mac Download
Saints Row 4 Mac Download