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Click to viewYou download hundreds of files to your computer on a weekly—and sometimes. Five Best Download Managers. Best Download Manager? This commercial-turned-free download manager has the best customization capabilities. Download Accelerator Plus Free &. Mac and Linux software reviews.

Download Microsoft Office Word 2010 For Mac. Folx as download accelerator With Folx - an ultimate download accelerator for Mac - you can: 1. Accelerate your downloads on Mac Folx allows you to accelerate all your downloads thanks to splitting them in threads: in two threads in free version and in up to twenty threads in PRO! Thanks to this capability you can save significant amount of time. Download with Folx instead of your browser Folx is not only faster, it also allows you to adjust the download speed and automatically resume your downloads in case you were offline, the tracker was down for some reason, etc 3. Easily find the downloaded content on the hard drive The downloads grow faster and faster and one day you just don't remember where you saved some of them? Folx solves this issue by tagging the downloads. By tagging them you instruct Folx where to save them and whenever you need to find some files you don't even have to start Folx, just follow the familiar tags structure.

You can assign as many tags as needed to one download task. All downloaded music and videos automatically go to iTunes All downloaded music and videos can automatically go to iTunes playlists named the same as the tag assigned to those downloads if you enable Folx PRO integration with iTunes. Control the download speed In Folx PRO you have a great possibility to control download speed automatically. Whenever you start using Internet more extensively, Folx will automatically adjust the speed and proceed downloading in the background without interfering with your work. Schedule your downloads Folx PRO offers very convenient scheduling option. You can set the time and date for downloads and define Folx exiting behavior after the downloads are finished: system shutdown, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx. Save passwords With Folx PRO you get fast access to websites requiring authentication.

Best Download Accelerator Mac 2015

If you are downloading from certain websites quite often, save your password and login info with Folx so that those will be filled automatically in the future. FTP and HTTP websites, as well as websites with web authentication, are supported. Free version of Folx can save up to two entries.

Best Download Accelerator Mac 2015