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Bumptop A 3D Physics Desktop Experience. About; Source Code. A 3D Physics Desktop Experience. About; Source Code; Download; Play. Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time. BumpTop for Mac free. Download fast the latest version of BumpTop for Mac: Now, you will be able to have your desk customized and in 3D.

BumpTop - A Multi Touch 3D Physics Desktop is a 3D desktop user interface inspired by real desks using physics, multi-touch gestures to drive towards a more expressive, human vision for computing. You can download it for and or build on top of the. Learn more by watching the. Background BumpTop started with a and a in 2006.

Bumptop Download Mac

A group of University of Toronto grads explored combining 3D user interfaces, touch and physics in innovative ways to push user interfaces forward, beyond the 'cave painting' era of point-and-click. BumpTop became a viral hit, gaining millions of views, a, a and was ultimately acquired by to join the team. Future Development BumpTop is now open source so that its ideas might live on through future interfaces. We're also including unreleased experimental features we had been working on like an Adobe Flash version of BumpTop (formerly by ) and a version that lets you organize webpages like 3D physical objects that you can hack on top of. We really believe we’re just scratching the surface of what's possible with the way we interact with technology. As touch and virtual reality interfaces rapidly evolve, we think some of the ideas we explored might be relevant now more than ever.

Bumptop Download Mac

The future of BumpTop is now in your hands, the community of passionate fans and developers of BumpTop who supported our mission of a bold new, physical dimension of UIs since the beginning. Unsupported Release and Development Although BumpTop was acquired by Google, this is not an official Google product. We are excited to have folks develop on top of our work and it is presented here under the but unfortunately the BumpTop team will not be able to maintain it and so contributions to the main product will not be accepted. The code is provided on an as-is, unsupported basis but please fork away!

Immediately after downloading and installing the BumpTop Alpha, I was terribly underwhelmed. Despite the Alpha team’s email-based warning, I was expecting something akin to what I’ve seen on the Windows side of the fence. But as I’ve considered the situation, I’m taking the optimistic approach. The fact that the Mac Alpha is so bare bones leads me to the conclusion that it wasn’t simply ported over from the Windows incarnation, but rather, is being crafted from the ground up, for the OS X platform. I assume that the developers recognize the unique differences in the operating systems, and plan to build it to the strengths that Apple’s OS offers.

Bumptop Download Mac

I’m hopeful that the BumpTop Mac development team will be responsive to user input, because I’m certain there are a lot of great ideas out there for such a bit of software — especially on a possible future Mac Tablet/touch device If you’ve got some ideas of your own for how BumpTop for Mac could really shine, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. I’ll of course pass them along to the Dev Team as well — who knows, maybe we’ll see some of your ideas implemented in the not too distant future. Who cares what the application is called, in all honesty is that really important? The most important thing to me is that the application works, its user friendly, bug free and does not consume a lot of memory or system resources.

Bumptop Download Mac

I have tested bumptop for windows and i must admit i am impressed. The standard windows desktop in severely outdated – we need something new and bumptop seems to be it.

As a mac and windows user I am looking forward to testing the mac alpha/beta version of this product and i hope they will contact me. Complaining about names – this is a conversation I expect a windows user to have, they normally worry about what things are called and how it would look rather than it being bug free, easy and simple to use.

The last thing we need is for them to rush and release a product, and then release several service packs in order to fix the bugs. Thats microsoft’s way of doing things they have a version of ever application but none of them really works lol lol lol. Ashwin I agree with Gazoobee It really is box top. In real life u can change the viewing angle & perspective. Here its like everything is inside s box without a lid. This also invites to waste time just pushing & pulling & bumping icons & crumpling files. With mouse clik & drag What a waste of time just doing something equally useless.

All for ” giving a real world feel ”. I havent used it but.

The speed of operation & performance woulld also be affected considering all 3D & physics simulation running under. (may be some whos used it can throw more light on this ). Gazoobee A better article would have actually described the product? BumpTop just strikes me as “Bob” round two whether in Windows or Mac versions. It’s a metaphor taken to such extremes as to be more in your way than it is helpful. Download Youtube Videos Mac Online here.