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Every computer user’s first roadblock (usually) is using Torrents. We’ve all heard of them, and are quite curious with what they have to offer. I can’t quite imagine what life would be like if I didn’t know how to use torrents, so I’ll teach you enough to get along and walk on your own two feet. First, I want you to remember that what you download and do with your computer is your own responsibility! Unfortunately, we are not in the position to help you out if you “accidentally” pirate any software or seasons of. You’ll need a BitTorrent client for your computer.

It adds new movies daily, you can download new Hollywood movies to MacBook now. BitTorrent for Mac is not difficult to get hang of it for novice users.

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As a Mac user, I prefer Vuze, although I’ve heard great things about Transmission and as well. How to use Vuze You can usually get by with any ol’ client, as long as you can interact with it. Make sure you’re familiar with the UI! You should be familiar with where the download progress bar is, where the expected time remaining is, and how to set upload/download max limits (can usually be done by right-clicking).

The torrent client isn’t exactly the most important part — the torrent is! Here, I’ll introduce you to two sites that aggregate torrents, meaning they gather torrents from around the Internet and index them, and thus allow you to sort from a greater variety.

There are tons of confusing things about torrents: trackers, specific files, and legality issues — but ultimately, the only thing you need to know is that the seed-to-leech ratio needs to be high. (Although brushing up on legality issues should be a priority as well.;)) What is a seed-to-leech ratio? A seed-to-leech ratio is the number of seeders to leechers. You want this number to be as high as possible! Basically, always pick the torrent with the highest number of seeds (hosts/uploaders) to leeches (downloaders). (In the picture, the green numbers represent the number of seeds and the blue zero is the number of leechers.) If you’re given an option to go with 300 seeds and 500 leeches or 50 seeds and 30 leeches, go with the torrent with 50 seeds. You’ll notice that the speeds are dramatically faster and often quite capable of reaching breakneck speeds.

Can You Download Torrents On A Mac

If/when a download ever appears to slow down or freeze, it never hurts to right-click a torrent and click Update Tracker. This prompts the client to refresh the list and hopefully find more peers on, which you can obtain the file from. Where do Downloaded Files go? You can set a location for your files to get downloaded into.

By default, Vuze creates a Vuze Downloads folder in your Downloads folder. You can always change the location from within Vuze. Simply click the Vuze menu, and select Preferences. From there, select Downloads and you can change the location within the bar. How can I Stop Seeding?

I usually don’t prefer for people to stop seeding (sharing is caring). If in some cases, your Internet is lagging though or if you’re not legally allowed to upload music but are allowed to download, then I can sympathize with you. Stopping uploading (seeding) is simple: simply select the torrent that’s complete, and select Stop at the top.

Start Getting Friendly with Torrents! They’re only going to be more and more mainstream: HD trailers and documentaries are starting to be released via torrent. It’s useful to learn how to better use torrents, and how you can take advantage of this nice piece of technology. Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018.

Visit the Torrent site you trust and search for the torrent you want. Type in the search bar the name of whatever you are trying to download. Make sure you are specific otherwise you might get some random results. • For example if you search 'WWE' you're going to get a ton of results, probably not the one you're looking for, so try searching something more specific, for example, 'WWE Wrestlemania 29 New York/New Jersey Full Event' you're going to find what you're looking for. • If you don't know any Torrent sites, look up the movie/game/music/book you want to download on a search engine and add the word 'torrent.' You might also want to add 'mac.' Look at the list of Torrents available.

Have a look at the first few in the list. Decide which one you would like based on the file size (bigger files take longer to download but are better quality), and file type you need (avi, mkv, mp4, etc). • If you are unsure about which to pick, go with the one with the most seeds. • Click on the file and have a look at the comments section. Check that people have commented saying that it works, is good quality, is the correct file, etc. If there are none or few comments, do not risk downloading it. Download the Torrent.

You can do this by clicking the little magnet, or the link that says 'Get this Torrent.' Make sure not to press 'download direct,' 'download,' or 'magnet download' or you will get unwanted pop-ups and redirections. • As you download the Torrent, you will begin to seed the parts of the file you have already downloaded. • Even if your download has finished, uTorrent will continue to upload the file, to other Users in the uTorrent network. Only if you either remove the file from uTorrent or quit uTorrent, the Uploading will be stopped. Wait for the Torrent to download completely. Μtorrent will automatically open the link/file (or you will be asked to open it with a program; set µtorrent as default).

Download Mods On Mac. Μtorrent will also open a second window, in which you have to click the button in the right bottom corner, saying 'OK'. • The download length will depend on both the size of the file and the number of 'seeders' or people sharing the file.

• The more seeders, the faster a file will download as the torrent will take pieces of the file.