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The EOS Solutions disc that comes with every Canon DSLR contains a useful suite of tools. CPN writer George Cairns explores the disc’s EOS Utility application that, unlike third party software, is designed to work specifically with your Canon camera. The EOS Utility application is fully compatible with all EOS DSLRs, right back to the EOS D30 from 2000. In this article we’ll take a look at how the Utility software can be used to import photographs and movies from your Canon DSLR and even control various camera settings remotely.

QuickGuide to Remote Operation With EOS Utility 2.7 Software This QuickGuide will describe how to use Canon’s EOS Utility software. The Remote Live View image. Software Software. Download software for your Canon product. /ImageBrowser (Mac) View. Canon remote live view free download. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best Graphic Design Software the Mac. The software allows the live view. Live view from a distance with DSLR. Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v1.5 introduces Remote Live View with Autofocus for Canon. Available for Windows and Mac. You can download the Canon EOS Utility. Live view, remote. SofortBild is a free tethering software for Mac users working.

Depending on your camera model it will need to be connected to your computer by either USB or Firewire cable, through the camera’s WiFi mode (on the EOS 6D) or via WFT transmitter. If your camera doesn’t talk to your computer then you may need to ensure that the correct setting is selected in the camera’s communication menu; normally this will be set to ‘Normal’ or ‘PC connect’ (it's worth checking your user manual to be sure). Once the correct settings are made, launch the EOS Utility and switch on the camera. You will then be presented with the main window.

Downloading images. The main screen of the EOS Utility application when it is first opened.

Manually downloading images from a memory card can be a slow and tedious process - selecting a location, creating folders, working out a naming scheme. The list goes on. The EOS Utility speeds up the importing and storing process and makes it more efficient. Click ‘Control Camera’ in the EOS Utility’s main window and the program provides two options for downloading files from the camera – it will download everything as a batch, or you can manually select which images or video clips to import. It will then automatically create and name folders for you to then store your imported photos and video clips. Clicking on the ‘Starts to download images’ button downloads all the images and video clips on the camera’s memory card to your computer. By default, images are saved in your Mac or PC’s Pictures folder and sorted by date into sub folders. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary For Mac Free Download more.

By default all JPEG images are opened in Digital Photo Professional after download, but you can set the application’s Linked Software preference to launch DPP after you’ve imported other formats such as.CRW or.CR2 format RAW files. After the batch download has been completed, the images will be displayed in the main window of Digital Photo Professional for you to then edit. You can also set the Linked Software preference menu to make EOS Utility launch alternative Canon applications such as ImageBrowser EX.

Perfect Preferences The EOS Utility’s Preferences button enables you choose a different Destination Folder (such as one on a portable hard drive). This is useful, as your computer’s Pictures folder will soon get clogged up with high-resolution stills and video clips.

You can also refine how an imported shot is labelled – in the drop down menu go to Destination Folder, click Customise and choose labelling criteria such as Shooting Date and Owner’s Name. This is a handy option if several photographers are shooting in the studio and downloading their images to the same computer. Customise Preferences to name your files in more useful ways, such as including the camera owner’s name. Magix Music Maker Mac Download. You can customise the Download Images Preferences to import all images on the card, images that have yet to be downloaded or even images whose print order settings were specified with the camera’s menu settings. You can also use Preferences to fine-tune the way EOS Utility works in Remote Shooting mode, such as getting it to sync with the camera when you start or stop Live View. We’ll talk more about the app’s powerful Remote Shooting options later.