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Chex Quest 2 Addon Pack 1.0 is released to be a better alternative top the original Chex Quest.Download the Macintosh version of the Chex Quest 2 Addon Pack. Now, you can play the full version of Chex Quest 2 with the same stunningly updated. Chex Quest Fan Forums - Downloads. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Easy Chex Quest & Chex Quest 2 setup for Mac OS X Rating: Downloads: 1214. About this mod. Chex Quest was a total conversion for the original Doom that was distributed through specially marked packages of Chex cereal. All of the textures, weapons, monsters, items, etc. Were changed to fit a theme that could be released in a cereal box, with the goal of creating a first person shooter that parents would allow their.

Chex Quest uses the same engine used in the game Doom by id Software, Inc. Very similar to Doom in game play, Chex Quest can be called the Doom for kids. While this is a first-person shooter, the violence is extremely minimal. The main character shoots laser blasts or uses a spoon to make the evil Flemoids disappear from the screen. Controls are exactly like other first-person shooters. You have the ability to switch between weapons, open doors, activate elevators and switches, sidestep and run.

There are a total of seven weapons, all of which are used via the fire button. One problem that occurs is that certain weapons are difficult to aim. Adobe Acrobat Pdf Writer For Mac Free Download. Some of the weapons are held at an angle and can cause a player to fire shots into a wall. This can be frustrating when an enemy is standing directly in front of the player. Weapons themselves are all quite similar in function.

Chex Quest Download Mac

The weapons, called zorchers, are basically lasers. Ammunition is limited, so many power-ups will need to be collected. Power-ups are not hard to find as most of them are simply located in plain sight but there are hidden areas that also contain extra power-ups. If you do happen to run out of ammunition, you can always fight with a spoon. Levels all look fairly similar to each other. Since the game takes place in a research base you will come across scientific-looking backgrounds and plenty of crates.

As the game is intended for a younger audience, the difficulty is minimal. Five settings are available, but, for the experienced gamer, Chex Quest is a piece of cake. Graphically, although the colors and backgrounds are limited, the game looks fine.

Everything scrolls smoothly and no bugs are apparent. Enemies are not too detailed but, after all, they are just piles of slime. Sounds mainly represent weapons fire.

Flemoids are usually quiet but will make noises once in a while. Effects for items such as elevators are very reminiscent of the sounds used in Doom. Voices are used in the opening and closing animation sequences and sound decent. Groupwise 2014 Mac Client Download. Chex Quest is a good game, taking into consideration that it is intended for a young audience and that it came free in a box of cereal! This is a game for a child who might enjoy a first-person shooter but is not ready for the violence that occurs in most games of this genre.

Graphics: Graphics look okay but are rather bland. Sound: Not bad but not great either. Enjoyment: A younger audience should enjoy the search and destroy action. Replay Value: The game is short and all of the secrets are easy to find. Chex Quest is a 3D FPS running on a modified DOOM engine.The planet Bazoik has been overrun by Flemoids- mucous-like alien creatures who are consuming all of the IFC's (Intergalactic Federation of Cereals) nutritious foods. You, a large square-shaped man must go in and rid the various levels of the miscellaneous green Flemoids.Your weaponry starts out with a bootspoon (which can be upgraded to a Super Bootspork) and a small Zorcher (which uses Zorch energy). The Zorcher can, of course, be upgraded to frightening levels.

Zorch is apparently an interdimensional substance, because enough of it can 'send a Flemoid back to his homeworld.' You can strap on armor, of course- the armor is a Chex kibble (or a Super Chex kibble). This will protect you from the mucous that the Flemoids snort at you.The opening contains a notice to concerned parents, avowing that the game is non-violent; to keep childrens' interest, the violence was replaced with (and they tried to be delicate here) gross booger sounds. Your character never 'dies', but becomes immobilized by being covered from head to toe in mucous.Healthy eating habits are also supposedly reinforced- health is regained by eating a bowl of fruit (10% energy), bowl of vegetables (25%), a glass of water (5%),. 'a complete breakfast', featuring a bowl of cereal (presumably Chex), toast, glass of milk, and a piece of fruit, for a complete health boost.

Chex Quest Download MacChex Quest Download MacChex Quest Download Mac