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Install Cisco Webex or Cisco Spark on any devices of your choice. Get step-by-step instructions for scheduling your own Webex meetings, real-time group messaging, and more. Cisco secure desktop social advice Mac users interested in Cisco secure desktop generally download: VPN Tracker 8.1.

• • Introduction This document provides information on the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the Cisco Secure Desktop (CSD). Cisco Secure Desktop seeks to minimize the risks posed by the use of remote devices in order to establish a Cisco Clientless SSL VPN or AnyConnect Client session. Refer to for more information on document conventions. What components comprise Cisco Secure Desktop? CSD comprises several components: • Prelogin Assessment/Policies - defines endpoint Location policy (ie. Corporate asset, Non-corporate asset) • Host Scan - Basic and Advanced Endpoint Accessment (AEA) with some remediation capabilities for AntiVirus • Cache Cleaner • Secure Desktop (Vault) • Keystroke Logger • Host emulation detection Refer to for more information.

Where can I find a compability matrix of OSes, Browsers, ASA versions, SSL VPN components supported by CSD? Refer to for more information. Support for Windows 7 and MAC OSX 10.6.x Beta is expected in the latter part of 2009 with CSD 3.5. Please stay tuned for upcoming Beta updates/announcements. Note: CSD installation via weblaunch is not supported on 64-bit IE browsers. When is support for Windows 7 and MAC OSX 10.6 being added for CSD? Support for Windows 7 and MAC OSX 10.6.x Beta is expected in the latter part of 2009 with CSD 3.5.

Please stay tuned for upcoming Beta updates/announcements. Update: CSD 3.5 beta is available from Q. Where is the CSD configuration stored on the ASA security applicance?

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The CSD configuration is stored on the flash under sdesktop/data.xml file. Does CSD interoperate with the IPsec VPN Client? CSD 3.2 and above only interoperates with Clientless SSL VPN and Anyconnect 2.x and above.

Are there any plans to make the Cisco IPSec client interoperate with CSD? Any future Host Scan support for IPsec (with IKEv2) will be done leveraging the IPsec version of the AnyConnect client framework. No specific dates on this support are available at this time. How do we perform IPSec VPN client posture assessment and remediation today? Cisco NAC applicance solution is the recommended way for this deployment.

Are the CSD Prelogin certificates checks applicable to both machine and user certificates? Prelogin checks for Machine Certificates was implemented in CSD 3.2.1 (CSCsj35249). What are the minimum rights for Secure Desktop (Vault), Cache Cleaner, Host Scan, and KeyStroke Logger Scanning?

Non-privileged, guest user accounts are sufficient to download and install Secure Desktop (Vault), host emulation detection, Cache Cleaner, and Host Scan. Keystroke Logger detection requires administrator privileges.

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Note: On Vista the user needs to be able to pass the UAC (User Account Control) check in order to install CSD (either they need to have the admin password or UAC needs to be disabled). What CSD operations require Administrative privileges? The CSD installation with Java already installed and most basic host scanning operations do not require administrative privileges. Download Fl Studio 12 For Mac Free more. Operations such as enabling a FW process, do not work without administrative privileges, of course. Do not expect it to be scanned for files that it does not have privilege for which to scan; for example, if you are limited user, you cannot detect /users/administrator/mydocuments/file.txt. Key stroke logger requires administrative privileges. In summary:CSD operates within the constraints of a security policy and will not pre-empt or go around that policy.

If GPO says you cannot enable the FW process, then with or without admin privileges, CSD AEA policy will not be able to enable that FW. If Keystroke Logger detection is enabled, what happens if the user has no administrative privileges? If Keystroke Logger detection is enabled in the policy applied to the session and the user lacks administrator privileges, Keystroke Logger detection does not run and the connection proceeds to the login page. The user can then log in.

Can Keystroke Logger detection detect all keystroke loggers? Keystroke Logger detection works diligently to detect keystroke loggers. There may be instances where Cisco Secure Desktop is unable to detect a particular keystroke logger, including but not limited to hardware keystroke logging devices. How does Keystroke work? Software based keystroke loggers work by registering themselves with the OS to insert themselves in the processing path of any key events.CSD’s keystroke logger detection examines what modules, whether it is kernel mode or user mode, are involved in processing keystrokes.

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It does this by going through each step and each layer of the operating system and determine if any non-based OS modules have been injected along the way, and their identity. Does Secure Desktop (Vault) or Cache Cleaner detect a second network card for prelogin policy determination? No, it detects only the IP address of the first network card. How does an end user use Secure Desktop (Vault) after downloading it the first time? Once you have downloaded and installed Secure Desktop, it appears as an entry in the Start menu.