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With more people preferring games on the go and at cheaper rates than dedicated consoles, smartphone gaming is one of the most lucrative industry. Strategy games in general have always been engaging and have good replay value. Empire Earth 3 Download Full Game Free Mac more. Clash of Clans is one such game strategy game with online multiplayer support to spice things up. It was first released on iOS and subsequently on Android and has been a wild hit with dedicated fan following. It is a freemium game and arguably the best free-to-play model adopted on mobile platforms and does not convert it into a “pay-to-play” game.

However, you can easily download Clash of Clans for Mac with BlueStacks. Clash of Clans: The Game The game follows a familiar style to other strategy games where you start off with nothing and slowly build assets and engage in wars with others to bring in more assets. You start off with building the essential for maintaining your troop – a military camp, gold mine for money, elixir collector for other resources, town hall for leadership, etc. Once you have built enough of it, you can take over Clan Castle and start forging alliances with others. Initially you would be fighting only AI with pretty easy battles but they get tougher as you move on. Download Safari 7 For Mac. After you have done fighting enough of the AI now you will be allowed to join other players online, which is where the game becomes very interesting as you fight against real life players across the globe. Sponsored links The Gameplay Despite having paid elements in the game, it does not ruin the game.

The player has to be patient and formulate a strategy to compete. The first few battles with require barbarians on foot alone, however as you progress more sophisticated ones are required such as archers, wall breakers, giants and aerial units as well. There is also a narrative element to the game, which further enhances gameplay. The online match making system of the game is fair enough and you will be fighting for domination.

Must Read: Download Clash of Clans for PC Forging your kingdom in Mac. The game as of now is only exclusively available on Android and iOS and for iPad as well. However, in case you want to get it up and running, you need Bluestacks. We have all been in love with Clash of clans and to how amazing it gets with every moment. The thrill is awesome. We have all spent hours and hours on it, sleepless nights and endless days playing it.

The gameplay is slightly on the slower side though nothing irritating, you will be awarded for your patience. The game does not look stunning or too drab. The models are all isometric 2D in nature.