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Cod Bo2 Free Download Mac

Mac users have been a bit neglected when it comes to Call of Duty but has finally been released on the Steam platform. 2008 was the last time Mac users enjoyed a new Call of Duty game and since then Modern Warfare 2 and 3 plus Black Ops have been released on PC. You'll need a fairly high-spec Mac to run Black Ops and have at least 15GB of free disk space. The minimum technical requirements are OS X: 10.7.4, 2.4GHz Intel processor, 4GB RAM and 15GB HD space and either a Radeon (NVidia) or GeForce graphics card. However, Aspyr warn that 2012 MacBook Pros are not supported at the moment although this should be fixed soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops MacOSX Cracked Game. The Mac version of Call of Duty®: Black Ops includes the First. Download Free MAC Games Cracked full and.

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Cod Black Ops 2 Free Download Mac

The backdrop to Black Ops is the 1960s where you play the part of Alex Mason - a CIA operative in the Cold War. You start the game being interrogated and tortured and the gameplay switches between Mason's memories of his mission which you need to carry out. Call of Duty: Black Ops also introduces Call of Duty Points which are in addition to normal experience points, and can be used as in game cash to buy weapons and other upgrades. However, probably the biggest draw of Black Ops is the multiplayer modes including Death Match, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Search and Destroy.

You can also make things harder by running all of these in 'Hardcore' mode which means increased bullet damage, reduced health maintenance and there's no Head Up Display. Don't forget you can also celebrate the game on your desktop. Call of Duty: Black Ops is a must for all Mac users that are fans of the Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty Black Ops for Mac brings to you an epic campaign and story that takes you to a variety of locations and conflicts all over the world where you will play as an elite Black Ops soldier in deniable operations where if you are caught, captured or killed, your country will disavow all knowledge of your existence. Download Minecraft Full Version Free For Mac Cracked. With Call of Duty Black Ops Mac Game test your skill against enemy players and enjoy deep levels of character and weapon customization. Take a deep dive in this action packed and challenging game with your all time favorite call of duty feels! GamePlay ScreenShots.