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Free download Juicer forMacOSX. The Juicer is a free media management and conversion utility that supports all current Digital Juice products including all animation, sound effects/music, film/video clips and still graphics. Picktorrent: digital juice juicer3 mac - Free Search and Download Torrents at search engine. Download Music, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Software and more.

What’s this for?? I have some Digital Juice SFX library DVD files from circa 2006 or some such. The DVDs contained tons of small WAV and MP3 files of sound effects, foley and music. They’re meant to be accessed with Digital Juice’s Juicer app, which contains all the metadata. I lost the DVDs a while ago, but had already copied them to my file server. The problem is that I don’t want to use the Juicer app. I have a bunch of other sound libraries, and want to be able to search them all at once.

Digital Juice Juicer Download Mac

Unfortunately the sound files on the DVDs are all named generically, such as 00293_SFX.wav, which is pretty useless. My savior I did a quick search for a solution, and came up with wherein LiquidBlasted posted a series of Excel files that he’d generated by screen scraping the Juicer app. Basecamp Garmin Download Mac here. Even though he somewhat automated that process, it sounds like a heck of a lot of work. So he gets all the credit here for the hard part being done. The Utility I coded up a utility in C# that will read CSV files generated from LiquidBlasted’s and then iterate through all of the Digital Juice SFX library directories on my computer, renaming the files to include the track names from the CSV.

The net result is that it turns a file name like 01984_SFX.wav (useless) to a file named Caulk Gun Tension Rod Pulled Back_01984_SFX.wav (useful)! Without further ado, here are a couple of download links: File Size Description 64 KB Source code and executable. 30 KB Executable and. How do I use it? • Download the zip file containing the executable. • Unzip the files into a new directory.

C: temp DigitalJuiceRenamer ) • Read the README.txt file. (If you’re using the source files, then the readme contents are at the top of Program.cs.) It has important info of which you should be aware, lest you hose your whole library! • When ready, run the program from the command line using this syntax: DigitalJuiceRenamer.exe [CSV File] [Top Level Directory of SFX Library] • IT WILL NOT ASK YOU TO CONFIRM OR ANYTHING. IT WILL IMMEDIATELY START RENAMING FILES! Please read the readme. Note: If there are spaces in either of your file paths, enclose the paths in double quotes (like in the sample below).

If it runs successfully, you should have something like this: DigitalJuiceRenamer.exe e: temp DigitalJuiceTracks.csv “ fsrv01 Audio Sound Effects Digital Juice Sound FX Library DVD – Part 01-10″ Reading CSV File DONE! (Stored 11593 out of 11593 records.) Getting files DONE! (Got 23201 files.) Renaming files DONE! (Success: 23201, Failed: 0). FINISHED with 23201 files renamed out of 23201 files total, and 11593 CSV records total.

If it fails to rename any files (e.g. If they’re in use) you’ll get an error message and the program will continue. So long as the number of files it “got” is equal to the number of files renamed, you’re good to go!

The actual renaming part may take a while. It took about 3 minutes for my library, but that was on a network share. On a local disk it should be much faster. 'I use a Mac' Sorry, I coded this up in Visual Studio and the executable will only run on Windows. However, you can feel free to recompile the source using or the new for Mac (and Linux) from Microsoft (or the.NET foundation whatever).

I happened on your utility and thought it was a terrific idea – but I’m running into an implementation issue. I grabbed all of LiquidBlasted’s xls files and they don’t seem to be complete. For instance, looking through my SFX-III collection I see that the filenames in (for instance) the General/Ambience category run from 27317_SFX through 27456_SFX.

The spreadsheet for SFX-II leaves off at 27316_SFX, but the one for SFX-III looks like it starts with 36349_SFX (and the header seems to confirm that by saying this is “III disc 09″). Did you find a more complete set of xls files somewhere that include the entire collection, or were you just able to rename a subset of your stuff based on a partial list? Hey Pete, Sorry that I didn’t get back to you yesterday — I’ve been lax in my moderation duties. But that’s fantastic about getting it right from their SQLite database. It seems I was lazy and just went right for Googling it. I could’ve sworn those XLS files were complete, though. I’d love to post your files here, hopefully making it easier for some other poor soul.

I’ll give you proper credit when I update the post, naturally. (I’m assuming your full name is OK since you used it in the comments?) Thanks! Hi Scott, excellent idea, thanks for the programming. I´m trying to use the file but it is not working.

I get the following info: Reading CSV File DONE! (Stored 0 of 49506 records.) Getting filesDONE! (Got 55 files.) Renaming files DONE! (Success: 0, Failed: 0.) FINISHED with 0 files renamed out of 55 files total, and 49506 CSV records total. It seems to me that the CSV is the problems, but the CSV file that I am using seems to be alright (the files I´m trying to rename are in the CSV).

I tried using the file names with and without the wav extension. Do you have any idea what could be happening? CSV file: Col1;Col2;Col3;File Name;Col 5;Col 6;Track Name;;;00001_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Air Conditioner Hotel Room;;;00002_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Airplane Interior;;;00003_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Airport;;;00004_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Airport Runway Work Crews Trucks;;;00005_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Alley City;;;00006_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Animal Tent At Fair;;;00007_SFX.wav;;;Ambience Arcade.

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