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DiskTools Pro Download. Aid routines already built into the Mac OS that the DiskTools Pro developers scummily renamed. As the problems caused by DiskTools. DiskTools Pro makes Mac repair and maintenance painless, fast and easy.This application allows you to schedule when to defragment, backup or repair bad sectors of your Mac.

Disktools Pro Mac DownloadDisktools Pro Mac Download

DiskTools Pro Editor's review.deThis review was originally posted on developer makes nothing but ridiculously overpriced junk, the ideas for which are often plagiarized or blatantly ripped off from other developers' apps! Turtle Art Download For Mac. For instance, MacTuneUp is a shameless verbatim RIPOFF of the great FREEWARE app OnyX (run them side-by-side if you don't believe me), but MacTuneUp costs $35! Granted, MacTuneUp has capabilities that OnyX does not (though I'd never trust this dev's app mucking about in my System folder the way I'd allow OnyX to). However, MacTuneUp's additional capabilities are available FOR FREE in one or two other freeware apps.

Don’t risk crashing your system or losing all the work you save on your Mac. When you run DiskTools Pro you get a pro to handle the repair and maintenance of one of your most important resources: your computer. DiskTools Pro is the only utility that allows you to schedule when to defragment, backup or repair bad sectors; does not require you to run the tools from a boot DVD, CD or separate volume in order to fix the startup volume; can test and repair multiple volumes all at once; includes full multi-user support without requiring a user to first login; and will not damage your system if a power failure occurs while you are running the tools. It is even fully multiprocessor compatible to handle any system configuration.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer 80MB for Program Installation Operating System Support: Mac OS X.