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Transferring Mac 10.7 Certificate Files This article contains instructions for backing up SSL Certificates in Mac 10.7 to a.p12 file. It also contains instructions for importing.p12 and.pfx certificate files. For instructions about transferring Mac 10.9 certificate files, see.

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Exporting/Backing Up to a.p12 File • Open Keychain Access Manager. Under Keychains select System and under Category select My Certificates. Then select your certificate. • Navigate to File >Export Items. • Name the file (e.g. and set the file format to Personal Information Exchange.p12. • Set a password for the file.

• Enter the admin password to authorize the changes. Your certificate is now saved as a.p12 file. Importing from a.p12 or.pfx File • Open Keychain Access Manager. Navigate to File >Import Items.

Browse to the. Civilization Revolution For Mac Download. p12 or.pfx file that you want to import and open it. • Select System in the Keychain drop-down and click Add.

• Enter the admin password to authorize the changes • Enter the password that you created when you created your.p12/.pfx file and click Modify Keychain. Next, use the steps below to assign the new certificate to services. Assigning a New Certificate to Services Web• Open the server admin. • Navigate to Web >Security >Enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL). • Select the certificate issued to your site from the drop-down menu to assign the services. • Restart the site.

Mail• Open the server admin. • Navigate to Settings >Advanced >Security. • Assign the SSL Certificate to SMTP or IMAP Services.

Download Cac Certificates For MacDownload Cac Certificates For Mac