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Creating a bootable using the OS X Lion installer may seem like a difficult process, but it's a DIY task any Mac user can perform provided you have a little bit of time and this handy guide to take you through the process. OS X Lion and its downloadable installer create a conundrum for Mac users who would like to have bootable media from which to install Lion. The reason many people want to have a bootable is to create clean installs: that is, to install Lion on a freshly formatted hard drive that doesn't contain any previous OS.

The other major reason to want a bootable Lion installer is for emergency booting and. It's true that Lion creates a bootable that you can use for troubleshooting. But the Recovery partition is only usable if your drive is in basic working order. If your drive has a corrupt partition table, or you've replaced the hard drive, then the Recovery partition is downright useless. Since we have valid reasons for wanting a bootable copy of the Lion installer, we're going to show you how to create one using a USB flash drive. If you would rather create a bootable DVD of the Lion installer, we've got you covered there, too. How To Download Images From Instagram On Mac.

Other Versions of Mac OS If you are wanting to create a bootable USB flash drive for a different version of the Mac OS, check out these guides: • • • That last link covers all versions of the Mac OS since OS X Yosemite. If you're ready to create a bootable USB flash version of Lion, then let's continue. You will need: • OS X Lion installer.

For example, to get an installer for Lion, you may ask a friend who has Lion-operated Mac or, once again, set up a virtual machine running Lion. Download Excel For Mac more. Then you will need to prepare an external drive to download the installation file using OS X Utilities. If you need to purchase Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. In New Zealand will I be able to download it) 1 Answer (If I buy OS X Lion in the us store will the.

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• 8 GB USB flash drive. You can use a larger drive if you wish, but more important than the size of the flash drive is its speed. If you're buying a new flash drive just for Lion, I recommend buying one of the fastest available. While slow (read: inexpensive) flash drives will work fine, you'll find that both the time it takes to create the bootable flash copy of the OS X Lion installer and the time it takes to install Lion on a target drive, will be somewhat long. • Some free time.

The creation time varies by the speed of the USB flash drive, but plan on 30 minutes to over an hour. Use the Partition tab to format the USB flash drive. Screen shot courtesy of Coyote Moon, Inc.

Answer now (If I buy OS X Lion in the us store will the redeem code work in New Zealand will I be able to download it) 1 Answer (If I buy OS X Lion in the us store will the redeem code work in New Zealand will I be able to download it). The title of this hint is 'How to download the OS X Lion Installer on Lion,' not 'How to download the Reeder, Mac Tracker, and Skitch Installers on Lion.'

Most flash drives don't come formatted with the native file system so the flash drive you're using to create a bootable Lion installer must be erased and formatted to use the and the Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) file system. Erase and Format Your Flash Drive If this is a new USB flash drive, you may discover that it has been pre-formatted for use with Windows. If you've already been using the flash drive with your Mac, it may already be formatted correctly, but it's still best to erase and format the flash drive to ensure that the OS X Lion installer you copy to the flash drive will boot properly. Warning: All data on the USB flash drive will be erased • Insert the USB flash drive into your Mac's USB port.