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Microsoft Silverlight download is available on all Mac computers, iPhone, or iPad devices for free. If you’re unsure how to install or uninstall Microsoft Silverlight. One of the great things is that Microsoft Silverlight is completely free so if you ever decide you want it again, simply download and install it again. Java 2 Sdk Download Mac.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac Microsoft Silverlight is an app for the Mac similar to Adobe Flash. Silverlight allows you to run rich internet apps, enabling streaming video, audio, multimedia, graphics and animations. On a Mac, Silverlight will give you the ability to watch videos, listen to audio or watch animations on Mac’s Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Download Silverlight for Mac It’s incredibly easy to download Silverlight for your Mac, simply go to the, which will automatically detect whether you already have Silverlight, if so what version, and if not it will recommend which version you need to download to your Mac. How to Install Microsoft Silverlight on a Mac After visiting the link above and agreeing to download Silverlight, you’re ready to install Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.

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Double click the downloaded Silverlight file on your computer and go through the installation process. You’ll likely need to enter your Mac password. There’s no need to modify the process, just click continue and you’ll be up and running in no time. Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight Mac To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on Mac follow these steps: • Open your computer/hard drive folder. • Go to the main hard drive folder and double click the Library folder. • Then go to Internet Plug-Ins • Find the following files and move them to the trash or press command+delete: Silverlight.plugin and WPFe.plugin Update Microsoft Silverlight for Mac Microsoft Silverlight should automatically update on your Mac, however if it does not, simply go to the page, which will determine what version of Silverlight you have. If you don’t have the most up to date version, they will offer you to download and install the newest version.

Microsoft Silverlight download is available on all Mac computers, iPhone, or iPad devices for free. If you're unsure how to install or uninstall Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft silverlight for mac free download - Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Silverlight Software Development Kit Update 5/21/2007 for Mac, and many more programs.

Microsoft Silverlight for iPad, iPhone, and Android Currently you cannot use Microsoft Silverlight for iPad, iPhone or Android devices as there is no built in support. The only mobile platform that supports Silverlight is the Windows Phone platform. The iPad, iPhone, and Android devices all rely on HTML5 as the means for displaying media content such as video, streaming audio, etc.

Like Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight is one of the many pieces of software that you may need in order to access the many multimedia features of certain websites. Some sites require you to download Silverlight in order to watch videos and view wedding slideshows and order theater tickets and pick airline seats smoothly. These tips and steps listed above will help you to download Silverlight for Mac use because many people think that it’s only available to use on PC computers since it is made by Microsoft. The two companies do have a strict rivalry and many apps are. But you can use it on Mac and maybe one day on the mobile devices. Have any other questions about Microsoft Silverlight for your Mac? Have you tried to download, install or uninstall Silverlight with troubles?

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Download Microsoft Silverlight For Mac