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EA Sports seems insensitive in the sports game market. They have virtually monopoly on American football, golf and ice hockey, and have distanced the “Pro Evolution Soccer” series with their “FIFA” games. It has little brother and competitor 2K Sports received a mark. Their ice hockey game has become one of the victims of the overpower, and the publisher’s focus in today’s market is baseball and basketball – with the latter being the great leader. It’s no-one else who can interact basketball better than 2K Sports, and their “NBA” series has become as good as alone on the throne. “NBA 2K14” is the year’s addition, a game that has already been featured on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game has also thrown on the new console generation from the start, and just that, sportspeople should be very happy. The future is here Of the games I’ve tested on PlayStation 4 so far, “NBA 2K14” is the title that gives me the strongest second-generation feeling. Why is it like that? The game takes all the best from the previous generation and further enhances the quality with an audiovisual frame that is truly NBA worthy. It’s also fun how to publish 2K Sports and develop Visual Concepts dare, where others hesitate. EA Sports has talked about storytelling in their sports games for years, without having managed to implement it in a big game in a proper way.

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Now the competitor has really opened the ballet. In the career section, where you make your own player and make him a star, we have got a very cool story wrapping. Yes, it is sometimes clumsy and inadequate – sometimes comical. Pdf Converter For Mac Free Download more.  But it is a beginning of what may be a necessary upheaval if annual sports betting at full cost will have the right of life in the long run. Fresh breath In this career mode, you follow your player from Hopeful Unggutt to Star, and there are many obstacles and choices that appear on the way to the top. Some may want to experience the many resting shots between actual game sessions as opposing, but then one can only play individual matches. I like at least 2K trying, it’s a fresh breath in an genre that may have become too frenetic in my life after realism. Now, however, realism and imagination can not always go hand in hand in the gaming world. It is also contrary. Ifort Download Mac.  Just that, the “NBA 2K14” is a brilliant example.

Full control The control system is probably the one that hurts me the most. I’m a big fan of the Skill Stick system in the “NHL” games, and the “NBA 2K14” does something similar to its Pro Stick. Both fines and shots can be controlled with the right hand lever. With exercise and patience, you will notice that the control is almost absorbed by your hands. The handset simply becomes part of your anatomy. In interaction with the left lever (joystick) and the other buttons, the possibilities are almost endless if you hold heavy straight in your mouth. It will be like a classic fighting game, where you combine well-liked combinations in a symphony that ends up in a climax. However, this climate axis does not need to be pointers. Clearly, it’s cool with fines, tricks and slams dunks – but do not underestimate the glorious feeling that rises from the middle floor when the defense game really sits. A good block can be as big a trip as a good three points.

Challenging I also like how the “NBA 2K14” offers an immensely graded gaming experience. Here, two beginners can have fun one against one in asphalt fighting, without having to think too much on deep-seating tactics and fine-tune each and every move. At the most difficult, however, this game is challenging for the most seasoned sports betting enthusiast. It never stops surprising and it is always new to learn. Even at the lowest settings, it is also easy to impress the artificial intelligence. Although it does not benefit you, it’s cool to see how computer opponents put effective barriers to your players – even when they do not have the ball. It gives the impression of a total play comprehension at the data center, which in turn leads to the acceptance that this is a baskets game out of the ordinary. A little bit is putting your finger on, for example, when players suddenly do not sense the ball path in a logical way, but this is the highest part of the exceptions. A real treat However, it is not only the playability that gives goodness in “NBA 2K14”. The game is also amazing. The spectators are no longer generic cardboard clones running the same movements in five-second intervals.