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Did you buy 1-computer Office 2013 local install or 5-computer Office 365 (2013)? The 1-computer 2013 won't install on Mac, but your description sounds like you have 365.

It will install the current 2008(?) version of Office for Mac. The 365 license does allow you to install on macs as well as PC. I don't know if your initial activation can be on a Mac.

But since 365 allows you to control your activations, you could install on any PC, activate it using your email address and product key, then install and activate on your Mac and finally remove it from the first (temp) PC. The key thing to remember is that the 2013 license is associated with 1, presumabley yours, email address. You may use the license to install on up to 5 devices at the same time, including both PC’s and Macs.

Installing Office 2013 on Mac. Office for Windows and will NOT download onto my Mac. The Virtual computer you need or if you can get a free one. Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011 are no longer available for installation with an Office 365 subscription Applies To: Office for business Office 365 Small Business Office for home Office 365 Small Business Admin Office 365 Admin Office 365 operated by 21Vianet Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Small Business Admin Office 365 operated. Download free microsoft office 2013 os x for mac (page 2) - MovieMaker for Mac OS X 1.4.1: Create time lapse movies quickly and easily., and much more programs. Download Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. More than 54311 downloads this month. Download Microsoft Office 2013 latest version 2018. Microsoft office 2013 for mac free download - Microsoft Office 2011, Microsoft Office 2016 Preview, Microsoft Office 2008, and many more programs.

The Macs still get Office 2011 for Mac, until it is eventually upgraded. Once you install Office 365 on a computer using your email address, you may share the installation with other Windows user ids created on that computer. That first email address is considered the “administrator” of the license. It can “uninstall” the license from a given computer if you want to transfer the allowed installation to another computer. Video: Activate / Deactivate your Office 365 installs Install Office on more than one computer Video: Adding family members to your Office 365 2013 5 installations. Your reply provided enough information now. The 1-computer Office 2013 license you bought at the end of the trial is certainly for a PC computer.

It will not run natively on a Mac. You would have to install inside of a PC emulator on your Mac, such as Parallels to name the only name I'm familiar with. The description you quote is for Office 365 (the 5-computer license) which is describing all of the OS's that license will install on. When you use your 365 license to install on a Mac, it actually installs the Office For Mac 2011 native program which is based on Office 2010 (for PC). There is no 2013 version for Mac. Historically the Mac version is released about a year after the PC version. So, unfortunately, it appears you misunderstood the documentation.

* ****** ****** ******** ******** ******* ******* ****** * When things are bad, you can either: - cuss, - cry or - laugh. Why not choose to laugh. Unfortunately the marketing information is skewed to Office 365. MS really wants to make the local installation go away because they can make MUCH more money renting Office. You have 2 options.

First is use your purchased copy of Office in a virtual computer on Mac. I don't know Macs at all, so I don't know if the OS includes the Virtual computer you need or if you can get a free one. (I do know there are free ones for the PC.) Your other option is to go back to the store and return the software to exchange it for the Mac version. Free Hd Movie Downloads For Mac here.

You should be able to Microsoft North American Retail Product Refund Guideline - Manage Office 365 / 2013 Billing Options Print out this page and show it to the store! Hit them in the bottom line by “voting with your feet”, ask for your money back. MS Online Store Refunds and Exchanges Policy Product Key Card vs. “Traditional” Retail disk - PKC Return policy “Media less” Installations: Product Key Cards PKC (2010) / OEM / MLK(2007): For use on new, preloaded PCs only 1 license / 1 device / non-transferable Activates preloaded Office or Downloaded installation files Does not include media Microsoft® Office 2010 Product Key Cards contains a 27 char “PIN” which you have to enter at a site to retrieve your 25 char product key.

How To Download Terraria On Mac. This key will activate Office on only one PC. No disc supplied. The PKC license is not transferable to another PC.

Next week if your cat uses your computer as a litter box, you have to BUY A NEW PKC. If you “regret” your PKC purchase you can return it. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE LICENSE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. INSTEAD, RETURN YOUR PRODUCT KEY CARD TO YOUR PLACE OF PURCHASE FOR A REFUND OR CREDIT. If you cannot obtain a refund there, contact Microsoft or the Microsoft affiliate serving your country for information about Microsoft’s refund policies.

See In the United States and Canada, call (800) MICROSOFT or see Cancel / Return Online Order Support for both MS and Digital River * ****** ****** ******** ******** ******* ******* ****** * When things are bad, you can either: - cuss, - cry or - laugh. Why not choose to laugh.

Between them, the desktop programs serve a broad range of purposes. Word is used for word processing; Excel handles spreadsheets; PowerPoint creates visual presentations; Access is used to build and maintain databases; Outlook provides email; OneNote is for taking notes and similar free-form data; Publisher is a desktop publishing program; Skype for Business handles video communication; Project is for organising projects; and Visio can be used to create charts and diagrams. • What do the Microsoft Office mobile apps do?