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Dropbox is a great tool for moving files between different operating systems, but it isn’t perfect. If you use the Dropbox iPad app, then you may have noticed one glaring weakness: if you download images to your iPad’s Camera Roll via the app, you’ll find that the image quality is horrible. Yes, the Dropbox iPad app downconverts your images, leaving you with, in technical terms, crappy photos. There are at least a couple of workarounds, though. I first noticed this problem in my never-ending quest to get images from my Android phone onto my iPad. I’ve previously written about how to do this both and wires. Dropbox seemed like the next logical solution to the problem.

I uploaded my photos to a Dropbox folder from my Android phone, using the Dropbox Android app. I then downloaded the photos to my iPad using the Dropbox iPad app, only to see the horrible image quality. Workaround #1 is to just visit your Dropbox account in Safari, instead of using the iPad app. From there you can click the link to each photo to display it, one at a time. Then perform a long press on each photo after it loads and select”Save Image.” That will send each photo into your camera roll. Workaround #2 is to use Goodreader, a PDF reader for the iPad that is more of an uber file and document manager.

With Goodreader, you can input your Dropbox credentials, browse your Dropbox files, and download full resolution copies of your photos. In Goodreader, add your Dropbox account in the “Connect to Server” section by clicking the “Add” button. Once you’ve entered your credentials and logged into your Dropbox account, browse through your Dropbox folders in Goodreader until you find your photos.

Download Photos From Dropbox To Mac
How To Download Photos From Dropbox To Macbook Pro

Tap on each photo that you want to download (you can select multiple photos), and click the “Download” button. Choose where you want the photos to be saved in Goodreader, and then click the next download button. You can then Close Goodreader’s Dropbox window. Go to the “My Documents” pane in Goodreader, and browse to the location where you just saved the photos. One by one, you can load each photo, and tap on the camera icon to save it to your Camera Roll.

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox hits my mind with its impressive features and free space. The interface is super easy to upload and download photos, files, videos, and other contents. With mountains of data at our perusal, sometimes storage of these massive volumes of data could be a cumbersome task. Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting serv. * How do I copy photos from Dropbox to my computer? You can simply copy them using the Dropbox app or download them using the Dropbox web site.

Goodreader costs $4.99 in the App Store, but it is a worthwhile investment, given how versatile it is. Do you have another method for getting photos onto your iPad?

Photos and videos; Security and privacy. Download entire folders on You can download the contents of an entire Dropbox folder via

If so, let us know in the comments. Thanx for thisI was trying to transfer videos I took with my iPhone to my iPad, via Dropboxand there doesn’t seem to be a way to export them from Dropbox to the iPad’s Photo app. This was really helpful, and since I’m relatively new to Dropbox I hadn’t noticed the resolution degradation issue yet, but now I can avoid it. But what worked for me was to download the file into Good Readerwhich I had, but had never really used, and then use Good Reader’s file manager to open it in Photo Manager Pro, which then gave me a way to export it to the Camera roll. It’s awkward taking videos with the iPadand equally awkward trying to edit them down on an iPhonethe little frame sliders and controls are too small to tap. Thanx again for the great info!

Another point: Transferring more than one photo is tedious, since they all have to be selected individually. That is why we are building an iPhone-App that downloads all photos in one particular folder (pics2phone) from Dropbox to your iPhone’s Album-app (no downscaling). Auto Tune Evo Free Download Mac. If you create subfolders, these are also replicated as photo-albums to the iPhone locally. It’s nice for editing photos taken with an SLR-camera with instagram or other photo-apps.

Subscribe to our launch-page and follow us on twitter. I sell on eBay and use my iPad 2 to create all of my listings except for taking photos, as the quality of the pics are poor on my iPad. I use my husbands Android Galaxy 4 cell (have the same dropbox account installed on both devices) bc the camera on that phone is amazing.

Problem is, I have to download or save the photos to my camera roll on my iPad that I took on his phone one by one through Dropbox. Quite timely! Would love a way to select all of the photos that I want to save on my iPad at once. Any suggestions? I take a lot of pictures at many different angles and the process of saving them one by one wastes a lot of time. Seems like there should be an easier way.

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox hits my mind with its impressive features and free space. The interface is super easy to upload and download photos, files, videos, and other contents. However, when I have to take a print of any document or a photo, I need to transfer the data from my Dropbox to iOS devices. Want to do this?

Check this quick tip to download photos from Dropbox to iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Dropbox gives you 5GB of free space, and then you have to subscribe to its different plans. The web version, as well as the app, is easy to access with a single ID. The best thing about Dropbox is that it helps me free up space on my device. Sponsored Links Step #5. Next, tap on Save to Camera Roll option.

Your photo will be exported to the Camera Roll. Note that Dropbox may ask your permission to access your Photos app. In case, you want to take your Dropbox photos on your Mac; the process is pretty much simple. How to Save DropBox Photos to Mac or Windows PC Step #1. Open on your Mac or Windows PC, and log into your account.

On the top left corner, there are four options: Home, Files, Paper, and Showcase. You need to click on Files. Now click on Photos.

(Note that Photos folder appears when you have synced your library with Dropbox app on your iOS device. Moreover, your selection depends on how many folders you have created to store photos and other files.) When you click on Photos option, you will see all the photos you have stored on Dropbox. Next, Click on three dots (Elipsis). Click on “Download” button. That’s all friends!

Summing Up Remember, Dropbox quickly gets filled if you keep uploading your media files. There is just 5GB of free space, which you also get on your iCloud account. Thus, a total of 10GB free space is available for you. Use your space judiciously on a different device and make the most of your Dropbox and iCloud accounts. You may like to refer.