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Skim for Mac is a well-known software for creating and editing PDF files on Mac. But, before you head over to download Skim for Mac, you should know that it still doesn’t have the amount of features and ease of use as preferred by many. Finding a low-cost program that can edit or add notes to a PDF file can be hard. Finding one that can collate all of the changes as well seems almost.

Skim is a very small and fast PDF Reader and note-taker that can be easily used by every Mac OS X user. Skim’s main feature is a powerful but easy to use ability to annotate and mark important data in the PSD documents (scientific papers, work files, research papers, etc.) in nicely created user interface that will nicely show both original document and your custom notes. While many other apps focused their development to support every single feature known to man, even those that will never be used and will only cause those apps to boot and work slowly, Skim for Mac is totally focused on being lightning fast, streamlined and able to satisfy users who want to easily read PDF documents and make notations on them.

In addition to that core ability, Skim of course supports many other necessary services such as text highlighting, preview of internal links, full screen rendering, bookmarks, remote control support (perfect for making presentations using PDF files), and much more. Interface of Skim is streamlined, with tools arranged around PDV viewing area for page navigation, Zoom levels, Tool modes (text selector, hand tool, area select) and Add Note section that supports all possible ways of note taking and highlighting that users will ever need.

Download Skim For Mac

Visual style of Skim and app services can be precisely tweaked in Configuration window that is separated in four main sections – General tweaks, Display, Notes and Sync options. If you are in school or in work, Skim is definitely a must own peace of software for you. Skim Features: • Viewing PDFs. • Adding and editing notes. • Highlighting important text.

Download Skim For Mac

• Making 'snapshots for easy reference. • Navigation using table of contents or thumbnails. • View all your notes and highlights. • Convenient reading in full screen. • Giving powerful presentations. • Handy preview of internal links.

• Focus using a reading bar. • Magnification tool. • Extensive AppleScript support. • Support for Apple Remote Control. • Interaction with LaTeX and PDFSync.

Download Skim For Mac

• Spotlight support. • Highly customizable.

Skim Home Skim Current Version: 1. How To Download Videos From Internet To Mac. 4.35 Mac OSX 10.6 or higher Previous Versions Latest Leopard Version: 1.3.22 SkimNotes framework 1.3.12 • • • • • • • • • Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file. Stop printing and start skimming. Explore the links to the left to investigate Skim and consider helping out with the project.