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We wrote an an entire article on but the short answer is: If you don't use uTorrent anonymously, you don't know who's monitoring your downloads and what they're doing with that information. Unless you take steps to protect yourself, your true IP address is available for anyone to see on uTorrent. You may not realize it, but you can pull up a list of all peers you're connected to in a given bittorrent swarm and see the full IP addresses for each and every peer. For those that aren't familiar with the term, an IP address is a unique series numbers that is assigned to you by your internet service provider. An IP address can be used to identify a unique computer, device or connection. To see your current IP address, go to (it's totally free and takes 5 seconds.

Your IP address will be in the upper left corner). The truth is you are much less anonymous online than you probably realize. Above is a screenshot of the swarm for the pirate bay documentary film 'TBP AFK.'

Download Torrents Anonymously Mac

The last few digits of the IP addresses from the swarm have been deliberately blurred by me (even though it is a public domain torrent) to preserve their anonymity. As you can see, each an every peer is forced to show their IP address in uTorrent (that's how you're able to connect to other peers in the swarm). Now think about this: would you rather the IP address that shows up in uTorrent be your 'True IP Address' or an 'Anonymous IP' provided by a VPN or Proxy Service? I can pretty much guarantee your answer is the 2nd option (I know mine is). Keep reading to learn how to get your anonymous IP address. 2 options for anonymous uTorrent: VPN or PRoxy.

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BitTorrent is not a program or software, but rather a technology that facilitates lightning fast downloads and file sharing over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Best VPNs for MAC; Best VPNs for iOS. How to Download Torrents Anonymously and Safely in 2018. BitTorrent is not a program or software.

These days, have easy to use VPN software that is pretty much as simple as 1-click to connect and protect your internet connection (including torrents). As a result, using uTorrent anonymously with a VPN is as easy as signing up for a VPN service, downloading the software, and clicking 'connect' (obviously open utorrent after the VPN is connected) A few things to keep in mind when choosing a VPN for uTorrent: • A will make you even more anonymous • Some VPN's don't allow torrents. The VPN's we feature on this site Do! • Some VPN's have extra features making them better for torrents (like a). Is our favorite VPN for uTorrent for several reasons.

First, they don't keep any, not even connection logs, so you're usage is totally anonymous. Second, IPVanish is incredibly fast; one of the fastest we've ever tested, so your uTorrent speeds shouldn't suffer just because you're connected to a VPN. Thirdly, IPVanish has excellent customer support and is a U.S.

Based corporation so you can trust that they will uphold the guarantees they make to their customers. Prices start under $6.50/month.! Coupon Code: Try coupon code and save 30% on any plan! Is one the most popular VPN's for uTorrent. They don't keep ANY logs, and they're incredibly affordable, with unlimited VPN service starting at $3.33/month. That's only $40 a year!

Download Torrents Anonymously Mac

Even better, PIA includes DNS leak protection and a in their software, which means you're true IP will never be accidentally exposed on uTorrent without your knowledge. Private Internet Access even includes free proxy servers with your subscription, so if you're rather connect to uTorrent through a proxy instead of a VPN, it's an option.

#3 VPN. Is truly unique among VPN companies. They make transparency (to their customers) a priority while doing everything possible to keep their customers completely anonymous online.

They publish a unique 'transparency report' that lists all legal requests receives (for example: copyright violation complaints) as well as all actions taken by in response. Checkout for more details. Like the other VPN's, doesn't keep any logs of any kind. They allow torrents on all servers and pricing starts at only $3.33/month ($40/year). They also include DNS leak protection and a vpn kill switch in their software for maximum safety. Use a Proxy for Anonymous uTorrent (Easy Setup Option). As the name suggests, anonymous VPN and proxy services are geared towards the needs of Bittorrent users.

They make sure to include features that provide additional security like: No Logs, VPN Kill Switch, and DNS Leak Protection. Torguard offers both anonymous proxy and VPN services. Proxy service starts under $4/month (less than $50/year). Their servers are fast and their top priority is their customers' privacy. You may want to read our or this proxies.

Torguard makes uTorrent setup brilliantly easy. They have a piece of software that will let's you choose from custom options and then automatically apply all the settings to your favorite torrent client (including uTorrent, Vuze, and Deluge) with a single click. Is the other extremely popular torrent proxy service. Like Torguard, they keep no logs, have fast speeds, and have a super easy setup for uTorrent. Once you, you will be given the option do download a preconfigured version of uTorrent that has all the correct settings already in place. With the easy install option, you can literally be up and running and downloading torrents anonymously in under 5 minutes. It's that easy.

If you're not sure whether you should choose Btguard or Torguard, check out our. Manual Proxy Setup Guide for uTorrent.

If you want more control over your connection options, or you want to use uTorrent with a proxy service that doesn't have an easy setup option (such as Private Internet Access,, or IBVPN) then read on for our complete manual setup guide. Step 1: Sign up for an anonymous proxy service If you haven't done this already, sign up for one of the many anonymous proxy services we've recommended in this article.

Some VPN services also include free proxy service with your purchase, including:,, and (Total or Ultimate VPN Package). Any of these will work with our manual setup guide.

Step 2: Open Utorrent and go to Menu >Options >Preferences (or just hit 'Ctrl+P'). Step 3: Go to 'Connection' Section of Preferences On the left side of the preferences window that pops up, you should see the various sections of the menu. (These are shown in the image at the right). Choose ' connection' the fourth option down. Step 4: Configure your connection options. There are a number of options regarding your proxy setup.

We'll guide you through them, telling you which ones are optional and which ones should defintely be checked. The Connections screen will look something like this. Listening Port Section: Port used for incoming connection: Whether you use a specific port or a random port depends on whether you are going to be using either or both the UPnP or NAT-PMP port mapping options. If you're using UPnP or NAT Portmapping, you can use a random port and choose to randomize the port on startup (or not, but we'd say you should choose randomize unless you're having issues with your connection speed) If you're not using the plug n play port mapping, you will need to for your router to allow the port you choose for uTorrent to be routed to your computer.