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Last Updated: July 17, 2018 Microsoft has never released Visio for Mac but we’ve looked at the very best Visio alternatives for Mac that make diagramming easier, faster and cost less. Many of these solutions work across all platforms either online or with native desktop clients so this article will interest Windows users on PC too. All of them can import Visio files and most of them can even export to Microsoft Visio too. So whether you’re a Project Manager that needs to visualize processes better or you just want to create flowcharts on your Mac, you’ll find a solution here for your budget. Here then are our top 10 alternatives to Visio on Mac in order of ranking. When it comes to diagramming, it doesn’t get much better than with.

The Microsoft Visio 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the latest documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools that you need to develop custom solutions for Visio 2010. Apr 04, 2011  Microsoft Visio 2010 Viewer allows anyone to view Visio drawings and diagrams (created with Visio 5.0 through Visio 2010) inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 5 through 8) Web browser. Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Professional for mac, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft office 2003 -, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

See how to install Visio 2013 and 2016 and Visio Pro for Office. Activate Office 2016 for Mac; Activate Office 2010. Download and install Visio Pro for Office 365. Microsoft visio 2010 free download full version free download - Microsoft Visio Premium 2010, Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 (64-bit), Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010, and many more programs.

SmartDraw does pretty much everything that Visio can do but somehow makes it far easier and faster. It also helps that it looks and feels like a diagramming tool that was made for macOS. These are just some of the standout reasons that make SmartDraw a great alternative to Visio on Mac: • It both imports and exports Visio files and the. • It’s the only professional diagramming software on Mac that can export to the latest VSDX format used in Visio 2013 and 2016. • It’s the only online diagramming software that uses high quality SVG vector graphics compared to lower quality Bitmap graphics used by other diagramming apps.

• The toolset has more than 34,000 symbols compared to around 4,800 in Visio 2016 – and they look better too. • There are more than 4,500 diagram templates in SmartDraw compared to around 100 in Visio. These cover almost every conceivable need from flowcharts, org-charts and floor-plans to topics as diverse as crime scene reconstructions. • It automates diagramming. So for example, when you change connectors and move things around, it re-balances your flowcharts, process flows and other elements.

It’s hard to emphasize just how much easier this makes diagramming but you can see it in action here. • It can export to Microsoft Office.

So if you need to insert a SmartDraw diagram into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel, it’s easy to do. • It’s easy to share diagrams with none SmartDraw users. You simply generate a URL that allows anyone to view a diagram in SmartDraw and customize what kind of restrictions you want to put on it. • You can use SmartDraw within Jira and Confluence thanks to plugins. • The same goes for Trello.

SmartDraw simply makes diagramming easier while not sacrificing the diagramming tools that make Visio so powerful. SmartDraw even works out cheaper than Visio. The standalone version of Microsoft Visio Pro costs $589.99 and an Office 365 subscription for online use is $15 per month. Just $5.95 per month for teams of 5 or more. Individual subscriptions are $9.95 per month.

You can check out our full for a more in-depth look. You can also try a to judge for yourself. Pros: Imports Visio files Exports to the latest Visio 2016 format VSDX Thousands more objects and templates than Visio Automated diagramming makes it easy to use Cheaper than Microsoft Visio Pro Jira/Confluence/Trello/Office integration Cons: Doesn’t import VST/VTX stencils Price: $5.95 per month for teams of 5+ / $9.95 per month individuals Platforms: Cloud.

SmartDraw Lucidchart OmniGraffle ConceptDraw Ardoq Gliffy MyDraw Creately Textografo Edraw Max Edits Visio Files Export To Visio 2016 (VSDX) Real Time Collaboration Automated Diagramming Confluence Support Microsoft Office Integration 1000+ Templates 1000+ Symbols & Objects Mobile Support is hard to beat as a powerful but far easier to use alternative to Visio. Download Overdrive For Mac. SmartDraw has been around longer than almost any other diagramming software and all that experience, features and user interface know-how has clearly gone into SmartDraw Cloud for Mac users. Crucially, it’s the best alternative to Visio when it comes to importing and exporting VSDX files and if you’re going to be working with Visio based clients or colleagues, you should look no further. However, if Microsoft Office or Google product integration is a priority, although is better integrated into Microsoft Office and Google Sheets.

If you want something that allows you to dynamically edit diagrams in Office document or extract data from Google sheets, Lucidchart does this better than any other product. If you’d rather go for a one off purchase and a native Mac desktop solution then we’d say it’s a close run thing between and. If it’s VSDX export support you need, then it has to be ConceptDraw Pro but if you want something that’s just as good at wireframing or UX design as it is at creating flowcharts, you can’t do better than OmniGraffle Pro. If you’re a project manager that needs a really powerful data driven alternative to Visio for product roadmaps and process mapping, is an amazingly powerful solution. Is Visio Part Of Office 365 For Mac?

Neither Microsoft Visio Standard 2016 or Visio Professional 2016 are included in the basic version of Microsoft Office 365. However, Windows users can add the to their Office 365 subscriptions but it is not available to Mac users. Ifile Mac Download.

However, Microsoft Visio Online Viewer is available in Office 265 to both Mac and PC users but it only allows viewing of Visio files. Microsoft’s pricing policy for Visio has become increasingly confusing but here’s an attempt to simplify what is currently available: •: Basic desktop version of Visio – Windows only. •: Professional desktop version of Visio – Windows only.

•: Basically the online version of Visio Standard 2016. It does not allow you to install the desktop version of Visio Standard but includes 2GB of OneDrive storage to create and save work – Windows only. $5 per month. •: Basically the online version of Visio Professional 2016. A subscription also allows users to install Visio Professional 2016 on up to five PCs running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 – Windows only. $15 per month. •: Included in commercial versions of Office 365 (i.e.

Business, Enterprise or Government subscriptions) but only allows viewing of Visio files – it does not support creating or editing of Visio files – Windows and Mac. You can see a breakdown of the differences between Visio Online Plan 1 and Plan 2 below: Will Visio For Mac Ever Be Released? Microsoft released Visio 2010, Visio 2013 and Visio 2016 for PC only and it has never been available for Mac. There were hopes that Visio would finally be made available to Mac users in the release of but it wasn’t and there don’t seem to be any plans for a Visio 2017 or Visio 2018 for Mac either. However, as outlined above, Visio Standard 2016 and Visio Professional 2016 are now available to Windows users online.