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My company is in the habit of adopting Windows-centric solutions. The latest is Webex for hosting and recording meetings. Webex records the meeting and makes the file available for download in the form of their proprietary ARF format. Predictably, their own player supports converting to MP4 only in the Windows version of the player, and not in the Mac version of the player. So the question I have for this community is: How do I convert an ARF file to an MP4 using a Mac?

F1 2016 Mac Free Download. How do I use Cisco WebEx Connect IM on Mac OS X, it seems to be using Jabber protocol. Run a recorded WebEx session in the normal client (i.e. Not WebEx Player) 0.

Update: Things I have tried: • Applications: -- IdealShare VideoGo claims to convert ARF files on a Mac but this is not true. I downloaded their free trial and was told that ARF is not a valid media type. -- Aiseesoft will come up in google searches as an option but their software is also PC only for purposes of converting ARF. • nbr2mp4 does not work on a Mac.

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You will get an error about not being able to open a display. Webex has a Mac version of their player on their available for download: The software will install, but (IMO) it doesn't create an application link in Finder or in Launch Pad. I personally don't have any WebEx recordings I can use to test, but you can launch the player manually. It's located in the user's library folder under: ~/Library/Application Support/WebEx Folder/500 I was able to launch the player by using Terminal and typing: $ open ~/Library/Application Support/WebEx Folder/500/Network Recording You could also open that folder in Finder and create an alias to put on your Desktop/Applications folder. Convert the Audio The kicker here is your are going to need another app to 'grab' the audio. You can also (less than $30) which will also give you a high quality USB audio interface that you can use for other purposes (I personally use this method for my iMac interface to my Bose Wave Radio).

From a file If you have recorded your own WebEx session, or if you've downloaded a recording from, use our free WebEx Player to watch it. Have a file you recorded on your computer? (Windows) (Mac OS X, Intel) Have a file you downloaded from (Windows) (Mac OS X, Intel) What's the difference between.WRF and.ARF?

The.WRF (WebEx Recording Format) player is used to watch recordings of WebEx sessions you've made yourself and saved to your computer. You can edit.WRF files and convert them to.WMV (Windows Media Video) format by using the,which is a separate download. The.ARF (WebEx Advanced Recording Format) player is used to watch recordings you've downloaded from WebEx and saved to your computer.

You can convert.ARF recordings to.WMV (Windows Media Video) format or.SWF (Flash) using the player. No stand-alone. How To Download The Sims 3 On Mac For Free here. ARF editor is currently available.

If you want to record your own files in.ARF format, use WebEx Network-Based Recording (NBR), available by special order to complement your WebEx service. Get more information with our feature fact sheet (PDF).