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Dungeon Defenders is a Tower. Home Action/Adventure Dungeon Defenders Full DLC 7.47c Free Game Download Dungeon Defenders Full. IOS, Android, Mac OS X. Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG video game from developer Trendy Entertainment and published by Reverb Communications. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, PlayStation Vita (canceled),and Linux. Dungeon Defenders is an original blend of two exciting genres: Towers defense and online action RPG! The player can choose a hero class from four different to face the hordes of invading beasts strategically deploying various defenses and traps throughout his castle. Led Fan Editor Mac Download more.

Dungeon Defenders has something for everyone! Choose the hero that fits your play style and capitalize their unique towers equipment and abilities.

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Will you pick the powerful squire with his physical attacks and strong defense? Or is the Apprentice more your style raining arcane damage from afar with magical abilities and towers. Once you've placed your towers and planned your defense jump into the action with your hero and deal with your foes first hand. Use customized abilities and equipment that you've discovered on your quest to improve your hero and vanquish the armies of the Old Ones! Play yourself or hop on to a quest with three of your friends for exciting co-op game play! The choices are up to you.

By Anonymous This is a great tower defense game meant for multiplayer! Dungeon defenders is a great strategic game that is a. This is a great tower defense game meant for multiplayer! Dungeon defenders is a great strategic game that is a mixture of tower defense and rpg. The game is played in two phases with the first phase involving building. This phase you build you defenses as one of the four characters, a wizard, a squire, a huntress, and a monk all with their own unique towers and equipment. Summary This is a great tower defense game with each player(in multiplayer) getting their own character and unique defenses and fighting capabilities!

Towers The wizard is labeled novice and uses basic towers that are mainly shooting tower but also has blocking magical walls. The squire has spiky walls, bouncer blockades, harpoon guns and the strange bowling ball cannon. The huntress uses bombs of different sorts and is labeled hard for a good reason because you have to reload guns and bombs constantly on all fronts. The monk's defenses are auras that have great effects but are hard to use on groups of enemies.

This is why he is rightfully labeled master. Hand to Hand The second phase involves hand to hand combat i a third person view point. The wizard can shoot weak blasts and take about three seconds to charge up a knocking blow that pushes enemies as well as damaging them.

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Overall the wizard is not the best in this phase. Next the Squire is a heavy knight like character that is strong and is good for the classic hack and slash. He is great for over powering enemies with the edition of being able to block. Next the Huntress uses gun like weaponry and can deal huge amounts of damage although these attacks are weak and take time house as you have to reload for about 5 seconds. This is a good player for multiplayer. And lastly the monk is a spear fighter that can shoot blasts out of his hand.

He is a decent fighter as it is hard to survive long with his limited health. Multiplayer This game seems to be meant for multiplayer.

The classes are all powerful but each have their own weaknesses. Pros: Multiplayer Unique Defenses and Abilities Cons: Hard to play solo Only four characters reviewed on July 9, 2015 •.