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Installing ExamView on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) If you have a current version of ExamView Assessment Suite, and want to upgrade to ExamView 7.51 for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) operating system support, please. Using ExamView Existing Content on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) If you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and have existing content already installed on the Mac prior to upgrading the operating system, no further actions need to be taken. If you have an older version of ExamView content and want to add the content to the Mac after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), follow one of the below options. • Install the publisher content on a Windows based machine.

Save content to a disk, flash drive or netwrok location to move content to the Mac to use with Examview 7.51* • Install the publisher content on a Mac with an earlier operating system. Save content to a disk, flash drive or network location to move content to the Mac to use with Examview 7.51. *The content needs to be created in ExamView version 6.x or later AND you have both Mac and Windows installers in order to use the previously created content on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Free download ExamView Pro forMacOSX. ExamView Pro - eInstruction’s ExamView® is the #1 assessment-and-content software in the world. Download ExamView Assessment Suite for free. ExamView Assessment Suite - ExamView® Assessment Suite is bundled with over 10,000 textbooks from more than 65 leading publishers.

After serious trauma trying to run ExamView on Lion OSX as I blogged about and, it is finally fixed! I received an email from eInstruction on Friday stating that “ExamView Assessment Suite v.7.5.1 COMPATIBLE with Mac 10.7”.

Included was a link for a FREE copy of the new ExamView that promised to expire in 10 days. Of course, I get this email on the way to the BEACH, while I was in the car with no wi-fi to be found anywhere. Since them I have been too busy hustling around to soccer games and having fun at the beach.

But, I was finally able to steal a bit of time tonight to install the program and see if it worked. I could just no longer stand it! And guess what?? EDIT: The link I used expired in October 2011. You will need to contact eInstruction customer service or eInstruction technical support at 888-333-4988 to get the link. Good luck!: ). Hey Jeff – All she needs to do is back up her ExamView data.

I only used the Examview Banks and Examview tests. Make a copy of those two folders (you can use a USB drive or upload them to a site like dropbox if you use that). Then, after you install the new program, you can copy those folders back onto her computer. You may not even need to do that, but just in case the upgrade to Lion does not go well it is nice to have. She will be devastated if she loses all of the tests she has created!

Examview Download Mac

I would upgrade the Examview first to make sure the link still works and then upgrade to Lion. If the link works and the Lion upgrade messes it up, you can always download it again and re-install. I hope it works out for you! A few bugs, we seem to have narrowed it down to images, some of our graphics are coming out oddly resized, and when we try to resize them the.tst or.bnk file becomes unreadable. After version 7 I wished they added an option to stop converting graphics to.jpg and down sample them, and let us export images as they are esp. Our.png images.

I miss the old folks at ExamView with their forum for bugs and feature requests. Feature: add font control to the top layer controls, I use super and subscripts all the time, would be nice not to have click, click, click to get there.

Caveat: “The application ExamView Test Generator quit unexpectedly.” – version 10.5.8 I’ve not tried a reboot yet, but I have reset and relaunched, and ExamView keeps quitting “unexpectedly”. Earlier version 5/6 still work, albeit v7 saved tests are not backward compatible, and v7.5 will not launch — tried to uninstall v8, but 7 is still not working reboot next On a 10.8 machine it worked, but the security preferences had to be turned off to allow the install, seems to work fine, although the install puts the application in your “HD” directory and not your “Application” directory. My colleague had this problem too. Our school ordered Examview from McGraw Hill so she would have the test banks for her textbook. McGraw Hill does not tell you on their web page for the product that it is version 6.2, which is not compatible with our MacBooks.

I emailed McGraw Hill with the ISBN number from the disc and requested that they provide the updated software or give us our money back. Within 3 hours, they sent me an email with a link for the updated software. Real Downloader Mac more. I haven’t installed it yet, but I have high hopes. Thank you for posting about this!