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Ezcap Video Capture Driver

Download the latest drivers for your Ezcap Video Grabber to keep your Computer up-to-date. Ezcap128G USB 2.0 Video Capture Device For MAC OS X $ 39.99. Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension Download. 1*Software CD Capture analogue video from Camcorder, VHS,V8, Hi8. Easycap usb 2 0 video capture free download. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best. GenesysLogic Downloads. After a fortnight of driver hunting, driver conflicts, BSOD’s from resource conflicts and even ‘Windows driver paywalls’ – where you have to pay to download drivers for the EasyCAP – I got ‘my’ EasyCAP working as a video and sound capture device in Windows 8.1 (and Windows 10)! Well, it's finally arrived. An EasyCAP (Easy CAP) for Mac OS with USB 2.0 Audio/Video Capture/Surveillance Dongle for under $26 bucks. Everything works pretty.

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Update: I’ve moved EasyCAP driver file hosting to Google Drive as Google Cloud billing hit $100 AUD per month, EasyCAP driver downloads were 638 Gigibytes for the month of November! All links have been updated. 🙂 The EasyCAP converts an RCA or S-video source into a USB video and audio capture device – known as a Sound, video and game controller device in Windows – the possibilities for connecting analog sources to a Windows machine are endless and it’s priced insanely cheap. All of this positive feedback stops when you connect it to a Windows machine – XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10 – and realise there are hundreds of variations of this device produced with drivers designed specific to each variant with no original manufacturer to provide drivers or compatibility at this point most users bin it and go on with their lives I almost gave up too. Here’s the gotcha, ‘my’ EasyCAP – shown in packaging above but with labels on each cable – is sold on eBay, Amazon, etc. As the which is shared by every other variant out there but internally it is called the eMPIA Technology USB 2861 Device.

Ezcap Video Capture Software Download Mac

Unfortunately there is no way to tell what variant you have until you open the package and check the Device Properties for that Unknown Device showing within the Windows Device Manager and at that point you then can start looking for drivers that may be ‘compatible’ with – definitely not designed for – Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. The eMPIA Technology USB 2861 Device has the following hardware details shown within the Windows Device Manager. Screenshot from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 EasyCAP drivers working in Windows 10 connected using the RCA output of the EasyCAP device. Manufacturer and Provider: • eMPIA Technology Hardware IDs: • USB/VID_EB1A&PID_2861&REV_0100&MI=00 • USB/VID_EB1A&PID_2861&MI=00 Below is a link to the Windows 7 drivers that were compatible with my EasyCAP device and further down a list of other EasyCAP drivers you can try. All of them require you to disable Windows Driver Signature from Advanced Startup; you can read about this from. The driver package that worked in Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10: • (aka EMBDA64 – 1/29/2007) I suspect this hosted on the Microsoft Update Catalog is a newer driver release than the one I have working but I have not installed it so cannot confirm compatibility; in my mind, don’t fix something that ain’t broke Other driver packages and installers that might help other frustrated EasyCAP users (some are duplicates but different driver versions), good luck! • • • • (aka SMIUSBGrabber3C) • (aka STK1160) • (aka SMIUSBGrabber3C) • (aka STK1160) • (aka STK1160) • (aka EasyCAPDC60) • (aka STK1160) • (aka SMIUSBGrabber3C) • • (aka HuayaBDAx86) • (aka Easycap 4Ch USB DVR W10, W7, x64) • (aka SM USB 007) • • • Note: Google Drive cannot scan ZIP archives over 85MB and EasyCAP_USBVID_1B71& just happens to be 85MB, while EasyCAP CAPTURE USB 2.0 Video Adapter with is 151MB.

It’s clean just wanted to give you heads up. All other download files are ~4MB up to 34MB. Starcraft For Mac Free Download Full Version.

I will host these driver packages as long as I can and mirror them if the server load is too high. Yup we hit the $100 AUD per month billing limit for file hosting, the downloads links are now direct links to Google Drive. If you have a question as other readers may help you. Hi – I have Windows 10 and a black dongle labeled EasyCap. Windows tried to install a driver, and claimed it succeeded. But VLC Media Player could not see it in Media>Open Capture Device.

Device Manager showed it as a generic USB 2.0 Video Capture Device, with a yellow warning icon showing that drivers had failed to load. April 2018 windows 10 update seems to have broken it for me. Device usbtv007 using EasyCAP_USBVID_1B71& was working fine previously. Now ‘Driver is not intended for this platform’ and windows update defaults it to ‘OEM device’ which doesn’t work with capture programs. Full error: AddService=X86BDA,0x00000002,X86BDA.ServiceInstall (oemdrv.inf line 192) Add Service: Binary ‘C: WINDOWS system32 DRIVERS OEMDrv.sys’ for service ‘X86BDA’ is not compatible and has been reverted.