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Use your creative energy to focus on the content -- let Final Draft software take care of the style. Over 100 Templates for Film, TV, and the Stage Pagination and Page Management Final Draft 10 automatically formats and paginates to industry standards. Meet page count requirements by using any of Final Draft 10’s custom formatting tools. Formatting Assistant Check your script for formatting errors before you print or email it.

Get support and updates for your Final Draft® 8 software. Check this page for the latest updates and information.

Title Page All Final Draft templates come with industry standard title pages that are easy to modify, save, and print or save to PDF. Easily detach your title page from your script if requested by screenwriting contests. MORE FORMATTING FEATURES • Import scripts from other word-processing programs – Import a script written with another word-processing program directly into Final Draft. Quickly fix any formatting mistakes using easy keyboard shortcuts or with the Reformatting tool. • Automatic Backup Folder – Protect your work with automatic file backups. • Courier Final Draft Font – Final Draft uses its own Courier font to ensure identical pagination on Windows, Macintosh and iOS devices.

• Standardized Paper Size – Each FDX file maintains the correct paper size (either A4 or US Letter) no matter where it’s opened. • Tab and Enter – Use just the Tab and Enter keys to choose the correct script element and write your script quickly and easily. • Keyboard Shortcuts – Use the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key to display and choose keyboard shortcuts. • Mac Enhancements – Mac users will benefit from the convenience of distraction-free writing in full-screen mode, as well as Retina display compatibility.

Additionally, Mac’s built-in dictation feature works with Final Draft, allowing for hands-free writing that’s as fast as your ideas. • Windows Enhancements – The Final Draft user interface is updated to the new Windows ribbon look with new buttons, backgrounds and menus.

Long-time Final Draft user? Switch back to Classic mode. Organizing your story has never been easier. Download Film Netflix Mac. Final Draft 10 gives you powerful new outlining, story structure, and collaboration tools in a friendly user interface that makes preparing to write your screenplay easier than ever. Story Map™ And Beat Board™ Plan your script from high-level overview to beat-by-beat outlining.

Navigator Scene Navigator - Keep track of each scene and sequence. Write scene details so your ideas never get lost. ScriptNotes™ Software Markers - Hold ideas, suggestions, or scene fragments that you don’t want to forget. Share notes with co-writers and colleagues.

Characters Navigator - Keep track of characters’ story arcs via individual Character Beats in each scene. Index Cards Build your script with Index Cards.

Enter plot points, locations, comments, or notes. Color-code and move index cards on the screen to easily organize your scenes. Your script always syncs with any view in Final Draft so nothing ever gets lost.

Scene View Take a high-altitude look at your script. Move, add or delete scenes. Split your screen (Scene View and Page View) and double-click any scene in Scene View to jump to that scene’s first page. MORE STORY DEVELOPMENT FEATURES • Structure Points and Beats in Story Map – Keep track of your narrative arc by marking Structure Points in the Story Map. Where should your character be emotionally at this point in the script? Plan and track tentpole moments of your screenplay by placing easy-to-use beats and Structure Points in your Story Map.

No Limits 2 Free Download Mac there. • Send to Script – Select one or more individual Index Card Summaries and copy the content directly into the script. If there is only a scene heading, the content will appear directly below the scene heading as an Action element. Otherwise, the text will appear at the end of any previously existing content in the scene. • Text to Speech – Have Final Draft read your script read back to you – you can even assign different voices to your characters. It’s like having a live script reading in your computer. • Names Database – Find that perfect character name from our list of 90,000 names and add it to your SmartType list of character names. From inspiration to Fade Out, Final Draft software helps you every step of the way.

Collaboration Work on your script remotely in real time with your writing partners. Alternate Dialogue Store alternate lines of dialogue within the script for easy reference.

Split Panels Split your screen into separate panels using the Panels button. View your script in one panel while you view Index Cards or Scene View in the other panels. SmartType Don’t waste time retyping character names, scene headings, or locations.