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Well guys as promised to several people i'm gonna show you how to use giants editor on mac. First off you will need wineskin wrapper software. You will also need Giants Editor. IMG2ICNS Now follow along with the pictures they will guide you. 1) Install Wineskin to your applications folder like any other application. (You shouldn't need a picture for this) 2) Open wineskin and install the newest wrapper engine.

Find GIANTS Software software downloads. The 3 Free Microsoft Office Photo Editor Alternatives Get the. The Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra. GIANTS Editor. GIANTS Editor is a map editor for the Farming Simulator game. The program offers many tools to edit the map details like the terrain editor, scenograph panel, spline editor, replace dialog, and more.

3) Select the newest engine you just installed and click create new wrapper. 4) Name it Giants Editor and follow the instructions when prompted install the wine gecko pack also. 5) Click view wrapper in finder. Increase Utorrent Download Speed Mac.

R Studio Download For Mac more. Now drag the wrapper to your desktop and click on it to open it. 6) Click choose setup exec. Select the Giants editor exe file and install it.

Once finished select the giants editor executable file to run by default. (There is a video at the bottom of the post watch if you confused.) 7) Now just follow the pictures to finish out the setup to run it. I know i'm kinda vague but here is a video to help you out.

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Here is the new Giants Editor 7 which will be useful for creating maps, objects, placing them on your maps, and creating various other mods! Version: v7.0.0 64 bit.