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If you’re unfamiliar with Spotify, it’s a subscription music service that lets you listen to all the music you want with either Pandora-like “channels” customized to your taste based on the music you like, or almost any specific album you can think of, without having to purchase it. There’s a free version with ads interspersed, or a paid version with no ads. One of the benefits of the paid version is that you can download songs to your mobile device, for playback even when you have no internet (like when you’re in the subway).

How to download an album on your iPhone. Version is that you can download songs to your. To download an album on your iPhone with Spotify or Rhapsody. Top 20 Sites to Download Full Albums Free Online - Thinking how to download full music albums for free? It supports Windows and Mac OS.

You “keep” them until you stop subscribing. However, figuring out how to download them for a whole album is less than obvious.

Miranda wants to transfer photos from iOS to OS X. She asks, “I have an album of pictures I want to upload. Is there a way I can just upload the album?” You’d think, right?

And you’d be sadly wrong. If you’re using iCloud Photo Library, all your albums and related settings are synced among devices logged into the same iCloud account that have the library feature enabled. Mac Os 10.9 Download Link. But if you don’t, albums are peculiarly locked away through any built-in methods. This is a long-running complaint. Search on this topic on the Internet, and you’ll find variations of this question spanning back years.

If you use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to a Mac, you can use iTunes to select the device and then in the left-hand navigation bar, select Photos. You’ll see a list of photo albums to import, among other options. However, many users report this method doesn’t preserve albums; for them, it imports the images without the organizational structure.

(Also, your iOS device has to be set to sync photos with the computer on which you’re running iTunes, which isn’t always convenient.) So if iCloud Photo Library and iTunes don’t work for you, a third-party program is the only option. The aptly named Photo Transfer App from ERCLab fits the bill. The is free, and for a combined iPhone/iPad version. The Photo Transfer App works between Mac OS X or Windows and iOS, and among iOS devices, too. Photo Transfer App has a variety of features, including bidirectional wireless photo transfer (to and from a Mac or Windows system), as well as intra-iOS transfer (via Bluetooth). And it allows import and transfer of albums, preserving your photo selections. Ask Mac 911 We’re always looking for problems to solve!

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