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How To Download Videos From Iphone To MacHow To Download Videos From Iphone To Mac
How To Download Videos From Iphone To Mac

June 16, 2013 8:30 PM / Posted by Like most new iPhone 4S owners, I’ve been occasionally playing with the video recording feature. Although I have a couple YouTube accounts, up to now I’ve never used them much (I imagine that may change as I get the hang of video taking a bit more with the 4S) – and for now I much prefer getting videos over to my Mac and sharing from there if I decide I want to. This also lets you view your videos at full quality, rather than compressed / monkeyed with for YouTube. So I was very happy to spot two superb tips for importing videos quickly from the iPhone/iPhone 4S to a Mac – and now I will share it here. Method 1: Trasfer Videos from iPhone to Mac Using Image Capture Step 1, Connect your iPhone to your Mac with its USB (sync) cable Step 2, Launch the Image Capture app on your Mac The Image Capture app should almost instantly see the iPhone attached, and offer up a dialog like the one in the screencap below.

From there you can choose where to download videos or pictures to, whether to download all or make individual selections, and review and modify several other options (e.g whether or not to delete the originals on the iPhone once the import is done). Step 3, Transfers your videos to the Mac Once you’ve made your choices and clicked to download, it shows you a status bar and quickly transfers your videos over to the Mac.

Kodak Esp 5200 Printer Driver Download For Mac. AnyTrans ® for iOS – iPhone to PC/Mac Transfer. Download AnyTrans for iOS and use it to transfer movies, photo videos/recordings from your iPhone to your PC and Mac. How To Transfer Photos & Videos From Iphone/iPad To Mac Computer Easily - Import Pictures Quick iMac Tip

Or you can just click to select a video and drag it straight into your desired target folder for it. I have tested so far with only 30 – 60 second videos, but these zoomed across to the Mac quite nicely. That’s it – your video files will be available files wherever you chose to save them too. Method 2: Trasfer Video /Photo from iPhone/iPad to Mac Using iPhoto If you have a Mac, the easiest and most productive way to trasfter videos from iPhone to Mac has to be iPhoto which comes free with every new Mac.

When you plug-in your device, it will bring up the screen below. It will show you the number of photos available for transfer. The blue button at the top allows you being the process of transferring photos to your Mac. Note: If you check the box ‘Split Events’, iPhoto will create a new event for each grouping of images. You can also import iPhone 4S videos via the iPhoto app, simply connect your iPhone 4S to your computer and open your photo management program. Import photos in your normal way. Coming along with the still photos will be your video.

There may also be an app that does wireless transfer of files back and forth from iPhone to Mac or Windows machines that will work for this purpose, but I haven’t spotted one yet. After you importing video from iPhone 4S to Mac, the video files will be available files, you can use tool to convert them into other formats you need.