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Accidentally deleted download folder on Mac? Here is the guide to recover deleted download folder on Mac OS X with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Did you delete some files from your Macintosh? Mamp For Mac Free Download here. Mac handles all the data including your personal and official documents which are always very much important.

Normally, if you had done such a mistake by deleting a file accidentally, you have many options to recover deleted files from MAC. Fortunately, there are few on MAC OS X. You can perform some of MAC data recovery procedures without any software to recover files from basic deletion stages. But, in case of permanent deletion from the drive, you will need the tool to do this.

The best part. A Free and easy-to-use recovery tool is available to perform this disk data recovery on MAC. However, the best quick and easy ways to retrieve deleted files from your MAC can be done without using any tool. But, this needs a backup of all your data or recovery from the cloned drive. The main thing is, how could I protect the damages while recovering data?

This is the main challenge. That is why choosing the right options for recovery is an important part. Let's discuss some precautions and important points to save the files from any damage and quick recovery of all data. What are the Data Recovery Conditions for MAC OS X? It is not really hard to get back permanently deleted files from your MAC. Few conditions make it possible to get the file back to its previous position.

If you have removed your file from the trash bin by emptying trash or by dragging a file to the Trash Bin. In these both conditions, recovery is possible either by using a tool or else you can recover without any software. Give a Quick look at the conditions. • Deleted files using shift+del • Moving/Dragging the file to Trash Bin • Force Emptied the Trash Bin • Normally Emptied the Trash Bin Reasons for Important Data Deletion Some circumstances force people to delete some particular files due to the virus attack. However, formatting a hard drive would totally remove all the files from your drive as well. Along with these, accidental deletion is also a reason to be included. If you had permanently deleted a file recently by dragging it to the trash bin or emptied trash then there are few ways to get the files back without any software.

How to Restore Deleted Files from MAC using Time Machine? If you have Time Machine installed on your MAC OS X then your chances of recovery of any files are really high. This feature normally captures all the files when you run the backup on it. Regular-backup is optional but stores the new files in it if you do. Time Machine enlists all the backup data by the time of the last backup proceed. Just follow the steps described below to get back the files with Time Machine- Step 1: Just open Time Machine by clicking on its icon from the dock.

How To Recover Downloads Folder On MacHow To Recover Downloads Folder On Mac

The blog highlights useful techniques & tips to recover deleted Mac Download Folder and ultimately get back your precious data. Read on, to know how. The Download Folder is essential in Mac because it contains important data that you have downloaded over the internet. We all delete files and folders in a bid to gain some extra storage space in Mac and the in-built utility ‘Optimized Storage’ is adequate to accomplish this task. While cleaning up files & folders, it is possible to accidentally delete the Download folder, thereby removing all its downloaded files.

Even usage of the wrong command on Terminal, copy/paste function errors and other data loss event can result in deletion of the folder. In order to, try the following recovery techniques: Recovery using Trash The normal “Command + Delete” operation moves your selected files & folders to the Trash. So, first of all, look for your deleted Download folder from the Trash. If the folder is found, then put it back to the original location. If the folder is absent, then chances are you have used “Command + Shift + Delete” operation that bypasses saving to the Trash; or you must have emptied your Trash.

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In this case, try the subsequent recovery methods to recover the Download folder. Recovery using Time Machine One cannot deny the importance of data backup. If you have created a backup of your Download folder using the Time Machine backup utility, then you can use this backup to restore the accidentally deleted Download folder. Backup is essential in recovering data from any kind of data loss situation. But, if the backup was not taken or the backup was taken prior to the data loss, then go for the next recovery technique. Recovery using a Data Recovery Software If the preceding two techniques do not work, then go for a software solution.

Is an ideal choice to recover your deleted Download folder and its contained files. The software carries a comprehensive set of features that not only support recovery from internal storage drive but also external drives including a Time Machine backup.

Follow the steps in the video to install & run the software, and recover the lost Download folder. Tips to Increase the Chances of Data Recovery • Avoid using the drive once you have identified the requirement for data recovery. • Avoid using the Mac while the data recovery process is going on to speed-up the recovery process. • Always use a recovery software that is reliable, safe, & compatible with your macOS. • Do not use tools that facilitate permanent deletion of files as they can corrupt the drive or make the recovery process harder. Avoid Future File Loss No matter how careful you are, accidental deletion of files can still occur. These few steps will help you avoid deleting important files & folders in Mac.

• Prior to deleting a file or folder from Trash ensure that it will not be required in the future. Additionally, you can give an interval of 30 days between sending a file/folder to the trash and removing it completely. • Do not use Terminal commands such as “rm” and “rmdir” without prior knowledge of its consequence.

Using the command, you might accidentally erase important files & folders. • In case you are using some utility to delete files or perform disk cleanup, then avoid automatic cleanups. To Conclusion The blog highlights the reasons that can lead to the Download folder deletion and suggests tried & tested techniques to salvage the folder. In addition, it provides tips to increase the chances of data recovery and how to avoid future file loss. The blog also showcased the role of the renowned Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software in recovering the lost or deleted Download folder.