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Select a plan: Pro for Individuals £299.99 /year Access up to 2 computers Includes 1 LastPass Premium license Pro for Power Users £699.99 /year Access up to 5 computers Includes 3 LastPass Premium license Pro for small businesses £1,299.99 /year Access up to 10 computers Includes 5 LastPass Premium license Pro 25 for small businesses £2,899.99 /year Access up to 25 computers Includes 10 LastPass Premium licenses Pro 50 for small businesses £5,899.99 /year Access up to 50 computers Includes 25 LastPass Premium licenses. Hide My Mac Ip Address Free Download.

Find LogMeIn product guides, downloads. LogMeIn Client desktop app for Mac. Printable View. Download Firefox Browser For Mac more. LogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro. The power of Premium remote access and a full fidelity experience keeps you productive from anywhere with easy-to-use, business and IT critical features.

Logmein Pro

LogMeIn Pro for Mac Download - Connect to your Mac computers from anywhere in the world.

LogMeIn Hamachi lets you connect two computers via Internet by creating your own and protecting it with industry-standard encryption algorithms. Your communications will be safe from prying eyes at all times, creating a private channel between both computers. A step-by step tutorial launches the first time you run LogMeIn Hamachi and shows you how to use the main functions. At first sight, LogMeIn Hamachi looks very easy to use. Complications arise later on when trying to share files between the computers: you'll need to have a user account with privileges in the target Mac, or so it seemed in our testing, during which we were unable to share files due to right issues. Oh well, at least we could have a chat – a very safe one, of course.