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*** See my below before continuing! *** With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite, Minecraft stopped working for anyone who has updated (or any new Yosemite users, such as a new computer purchase).

Mojang is of little help so far and seems unconcerned. ( Read my update below, as Mojang finally seems to be working on a fix!) The ‘fix’ options so far are to 1) Install an old, specially modified version of Java 6 released by Apple, or 2) install the latest Java version 8 from Oracle and implement a workaround. Fortunately, the latter (a MUCH better option, IMO) is not that difficult. ( The article is long due to detail the steps are relatively easy!). Overview • Step 1 – Remove old Java • Step 2 – Install Java • Step 3 – Configure Java • Step 4 – Download Minecraft • Step 5 – Play Minecraft!

• Step 6 (optional) – Make it pretty! • Step 7 (optional) – Play with a console controller? • Estimated time: 10-15 minutes. offers an archive of Minecraft Client and Server jars to download, for both current and old releases!

Background rant (or, Hello Mojang anyone home?) Apple officially released OSX Yosemite a month ago on October 16th, 2014. While a month is quite a while to wait for such a crucial update from a major software vendor, Mojang at least had access to Yosemite since the PUBLIC beta offering on July 24th, 2014. And, one might expect that they started testing Minecraft on Yosemite, along with other software developers, back on June 2nd, 2014. Apparently not (or insert other excuse here. Microsoft acquisition?) Actually, there are a few other possible theories.

If you’re interested, read on. Otherwise, to get on with the fix. I waited about a week before installing Yosemite. I usually find it best to wait for the dust to settle after a major software release. I had not been reading about any crucial problems so I decided to upgrade my mid-2013 MacBook Air, as I primarily use my desktop for business work. Everything seemed great until I tried to launch Minecraft.

I did a bunch of reading and was bit shocked Mojang hadn’t addressed the issue yet. So, I contacted @MojangSupport. They responded as if they were unaware of the issue and recommended I report the bug. I started looking at the bug reporting system and noted several tickets addressing or related to the issue. They seemed to be largely ignored.

After some more exchanges with @MojangSupport, they basically said they were billing and account support. For other support, submit a bug report (to an ignored bug reporting system? Anyone see a problem here?). Apparently they have no actual customer support for this kind of problem. (1) As an aside, I think this has been a long-term problem.

Mojang seems more structured more like an open-source project. If you’re not enough of a geek to figure out setting up an account and installing Minecraft, you are left searching for assistance. Minecraftsp Jar Download Mac.

I’ve talked to parents, for example, who have been interested in Minecraft for their kids, but felt intimidated over how to get it going. It isn’t that hard, and it’s well worth the effort, but most people are used to simple installers. One theory is, of course, speculation about the effects of being purchased by Microsoft. Maybe they just aren’t in any hurry to fix problems on non-Microsoft platforms? Maybe Steve Ballmer was sent over on a last contract project to teach proper support etiquette?

Jk Another is that maybe Apple has a new version of tweaked Java in the works. Yet another, is that there is a, causing everyone to hold off. Whatever the reason, Mojang is being quite unprofessional.

At the very least, let us know what is going on! And please, don’t pretend there is no problem. So, I decided to try and implement some of the various ‘fixes’ to see what might be the best way to get Minecraft working with the latest Java release on OS X Yosemite. Update: Saturday, November 22, 2014 One of my friends feels I’ve maybe been a bit too hard on Mojang.

After all, people can (2) While I didn’t test it, there were mixed reports when I was first dealing with this problem click the ‘more info,’ go to Apple’s support page, download and install Apple’s modified Java 6, and get Minecraft working again. As noted, I don’t feel that is a good solution, and certainly is a pretty lame thing to just leave the way it is by Mojang.

But, maybe the ‘crucial’ language I’ve used could be deemed a bit over the top. Also, some in the Minecraft support community have been telling me this has been around since Mavericks was introduced, as that is when Apple stopped installing Java by default. I seriously don’t remember installing Java when I bought my Mavericks based laptop or when I upgraded my desktop to Mavericks. Maybe that’s old age creeping in on my memory.

🙂 But I, and the above friend, are almost positive the process wasn’t the same. Update: Friday, December 12, 2014 Good news!

And, what is even better is that this should be a pretty comprehensive fix, with rebuilt launcher and bundled Java (to try to get everyone on 64-bit, the latest version, and kept up to date). I guess a large percentage of their user-base is still on old versions and/or 32-bit java, even on new machines.

Aside from taking WAY too long and not communicating well, kudos Mojang! The bad news, it’s going to be a while yet (sometime early next year). So, if you’re hankering for some Minecraft over the holidays, it might be worth trying our tutorial. Update: Saturday, September 12, 2015 Mojang releases the fix! 🙂 Actually, it is much better than a fix.