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Apple and Nike settled a two-year-old class action lawsuit that challenged their advertising claims regarding the Nike+ FuelBand. The lawsuit alleged that Nike and Apple made misleading statements about the FuelBand's ability to accurately track steps, calories and NikeFuel. Under the settlement, customers who purchased a FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015 can make a claim for either a $15 payment or $25 gift card redeemable at Nike-owned stores in the United States and Puerto Rico or at Nike's online shop. The number of claims that a customer may submit depends on the number of FuelBands they purchased. Claims can be submitted until January 4, 2016.While Apple was included in the class action lawsuit, Nike will be paying the settlement administrator and attorney's fees on its own and Apple has no responsibility for payments or gift cards.

Nike + FuelBand; Nike + SportWatch GPS; Nike + iPod. Click the Mac or PC button below to initiate the download. App & Device Support. Which FuelBand. Mac: Double click the downloaded Nike+Connect. When it opens. To customize the display from your phone, you must first download the Nike+ FuelBand. Downloading the Nike + Connect software is where your Nike + FuelBand. How do I download and install Nike. Nike+ Connect is free software available for both Mac.

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Apple stopped selling the Nike+ FuelBand and other fitness trackers in both its retail and online stores this past March, while a report last year indicated that Nike would discontinue making new FuelBands to focus on software for other devices.Customers who bought a Nike+ FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015 can find out more about the settlement via the legal notice authorized by the California state court. With the Apple Watch set to launch in April, Apple has decided to stop selling many competing fitness products in its retail stores. Re/code checked several popular Apple Stores in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and New York, and found that Apple had ceased carrying the Jawbone UP and the Nike+ Fuelband.The two fitness bands are also unavailable through the company's online store, and it appears the only remaining fitness band available for purchase is the MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Apple is still selling non-wrist worn fitness tracking devices, like the Jawbone UP Move and the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor, both online and in stores.

The Jawbone UP 24 Apple began removing wrist-worn fitness tracking devices from its stores back in November, when it stopped selling Fitbit's line of activity tracking devices. Fitbit's devices, along with the Jawbone UP and the Nike+ Fuelband all offer functionality that's similar to what can be found in the Apple Watch, including the tracking of metrics like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and stairs climbed.According to Re/code, Apple told Mio founder Liz Dickinson that her company's activity trackers would be removed from the Apple Store due to an effort to re-work branding, which may be at new retail chief Angela Ahrendts' behest.'

They said they brought in a new executive in the marketing area who wanted to re-work branding for the stores, and to make the Apple brand more front and center and clean up and minimize the number of accessories,' Dickinson said.The Apple Watch is set to be. Download Android Sdk Manager For Mac more.