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Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 may be the best pick for business users. The least expensive option is the $150 Home and Student edition. Download Information. From: microsoft software license terms microsoft office 2008 for mac home & student edition microsoft office 2008 for mac standard.

File View Pro For Mac Free Download. Suitable For Microsoft Office 2008 Users The Microsoft Office 2008 12.1.4 update had the usual security updates and coding updates and it has compatibility updates too. It also has a series of bug fixes such as the ones affecting the calendar. People who are using Microsoft Office 2008 should install this update. It applies to Microsoft office 2008 as standard which includes the student and home editions.

It applies to the Office 2008 special media edition and it adds new functions to Excel 2008 PowerPoint 2008 Entourage 2008 and Word 2008. An Update That Some Office 2008 Users May Need If you are using an older computer if you are altering software that uses Microsoft Office 2008 or if your computer currently has Microsoft Office 2008 installed and you wish to keep using on an older version of your operating system then you should install the Microsoft Office 2008 12.1.4 update to gain access to improved Microsoft Office tools and to patch any of the security issues that may have been present in the original software. Author's review. This update fixes a calendar issue in versions of Microsoft Entourage that were updated with the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.3 Update. The issue prevents Exchange accounts in Entourage from sending meeting invitations and responses. This issue can occur when an Entourage identity is configured with more than one mail account.

We strongly recommend that all Entourage users who installed Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.3 Update install this update. Applies to: Office 2008, Office 2008 Home and Student Edition, Office 2008 Special Media Edition, Word 2008, Excel 2008, PowerPoint 2008, Entourage 2008.

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