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I have Office 365 and running it on my macbookpro OS 10.11. Free Proxy Download Mac here. 4. I am trying to find the font SEGOE. I only find Segoe Print and Segoe Script. Does anyone know a resource thru Office 365 to get Segoe?

Segoe ScriptBoldSegoe Script BoldSegoe Script BoldVersion 5.00SegoeScript-BoldSegoe is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.Microsoft Corporationfont software is part of the Microsoft software product in which it was included and is provided under the end user license agreement (EULA) for that Microsoft software product. The terms and conditions of the EULA govern the use of font software. Please refer to the applicable Microsoft product EULA if you have any questions about how you may use this font software. Microsoft reserves all rights that are not expressly granted in the EULA. For products that may have installed this font please see the license link.Tags:,,,,.

About this font • Subfamily: Light • Font family: • Font license: Vendor • Foundry: Microsoft Corp. • Categories: • Supported languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian • Supported alphabets: Bashkir alphabet, Belarusian alphabet, Bulgarian alphabet, Chinese pinyin alphabet, Czech alphabet, English alphabet, Esperanto alphabet, French alphabet, German alphabet, Greek alphabet, Hungarian alphabet, Italian alphabet, Kazakh alphabet, Latin alphabet, Polish alphabet, Russian alphabet, Spanish alphabet, Tatar alphabet, Turkish alphabet, Ukrainian alphabet.