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The recipe for a great hand-held game is pretty simple, but sometimes hard to pull off. Fast-paced game play, crisp graphics that won't leave you blind, and enough challenge to ensure you won't finish the game with one set of batteries seems to be a tough combo for a mighty miniature. Sonic The Hedgehog 2's back for a Game Gear sequel and has everything it takes to make you wanna hold hands with your Game Gear for a good long time.

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Which Way to the Emerald City? Sure, Sonic finished off the diabolical Ivo Robotnik in the first Sonic The Hedgehog for the Game Gear (See GamePro, February '92). If you thought that was the end of that story, though, you're way wrong.

Robotnik's returned to the forest and kidnapped all the little forest creatures, including Sonic's two-tailed foxy buddy, Tails. To free all the critters from Robotnik's Crystal Egg, Sonic's got to locate all six Chaos Emeralds. The scene is set for seven zones of rip-roarin', multi-scrolling action/adventure that shows off the Game Gear at its best. Sonic runs, rolls, and jumps through the two Acts of each Zone, and then faces off against one of Robotnik's seven deadly robots in each Zone's additional final Act. Hedgehog Handsome Sonic 2's graphics belong in the top ranks of the Game Gear's greatest hits. The scenery is crisp and clear, and it includes plenty of secret tunnels, loop-to-loops, and interesting underwater areas. Sonic's a small sprite, but his movements are well-animated and easy to follow.

What's new and different to see? Try the loop-to-loops for one. Then, check out the deadly spinning Flywheels in the Gimmick Mountain and Crystal Egg Zones. While you're at it, eyeball Sonic's new rides: the Railcarts in the Under Ground Zone, the Hang Gliders in the Sky High Zone, and the Bubbles in the Aqua Lake Zone. The game play is Sonic all the way, simple to learn and easy to control for the most part. However, Sonic's a feisty character.

Master the subtleties of his movements, or you'll roll into some serious and frustrating trouble. Ring Around the Rodent Per standard Sonic, you grab Rings and special Monitors to earn different types of power-ups and you must always have at least one Ring in your possession. One hundred Rings still earns you a 1-up, but this version of the game doesn't have any Bonus rounds. Sonic can also search for Super 10 Ring Monitors, Power Sneakers, Invincibility Monitors, and 1-ups. Rodentia Dementia Even the speediest of Sonic players won't blow through this Game Gear adventure in one sitting.

As in all the Sonic adventures, you can attempt to fly through the Zones, but you're not gonna beat the game without the six Chaos Emeralds. To up the challenge, Sonic begins the third Act of each Zone without Rings-and he won't find any either. He's got to fight each Robotnik robot without a single Ring in reserve. This means one hit, and you're out. Although frustrating, this also ensures that the bosses are tougher to beat than prior Robotnik incarnations. The Little Hedgehog that Could Sonic The Hedgehog obviously has what it takes to be more than a long-term contender in the video game arena. This latest success story's got the game play, the graphics, and the guts to ensure that Sonic will continue to be the title holder in the Game Gear division.

ProTips: • The date scrolls up when Sonic jumps. This often makes it impossible for Sonic to see what's below him. Look carefully before you leap and beware of jumping in areas with moving critters below you.

• The first Chaos Emerald is in the upper far-right comer of the Under Ground Zone's Act 1. • Sonic still likes to rock and roll-right through solid walls. Search for areas where the bricks or blocks are smaller or different This usually indicates a spot where you can break through the walls. • Defeat Robotnik's first robot by simply leaping over all of its cannonball shots. After his last adventure, everyone's favorite hog sat back, unlaced histennies, and prepared fora little R 'n' R. Now he's got good news and bad news. The bad news is that Sonic's arch-nemesis, Doctor Robotnik, is back to avenge his defeat in the original Sonic The Hedgehog.

The good news? This means another super speedy handheld adventure for Sonic fans everywhere. Rock the Doc This time around, Doc R has cooked up a fiendish Death Egg.

This cracked weapon will destroy the entire world if Sonic doesn't manage to scramble it in time. Prepare to conquer six new hard-boiled levels of Sonic-style action. Iskysoft Video Downloader For Mac.

The vertically- and horizontally-scrolling side-view game play features that old familiar Sonic fun, as well as some ultra-cool new means of locomotion for his Hedge-hogness. Yup, the dude with a 'tude takes to the skies, grabs some wheels, and gets upside down, just to make some smokin' tracks with his trademark tennies.

Sonic's also got a cool new foxy buddy, Tails, who makes cameo appearances throughout the game. Sonic Soon-to-Be Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is speeding to a Game Gear near you this November. 3d Max For Mac Os Free Download.

We'll have a complete review on the game in an upcoming issue of GamePro. In the meantime, kick back, unlace your tennies, and check it out. Now that Sega's official sultan of speed, Sonic The Hedgehog, has officially zipped onto retail shelves across the country, it's time to see just what makes the speed meister tick in this sizzling sequel. Better the Second Time Around Everything gets better with practice, and Sega's proving that with a more than suitable sequel to 1991's Game of the Year. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is everything you loved about Sonic The Hedgehog, plus more -- more Zones, more enemies, more companions, more play modes, and more players. Sonic was set for early retirement, ready to rest on the laurels of his '91 achievements. Unfortunately, Dr.