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Feb 08, 2015  How to install warthunder on Mac [WILL WORK]. War Thunder Login error FIX. How to download and use custom skins / camouflages in War.

War Thunder offers impressive content for a free game: you'll be spoiled for choice with all the aircraft models available, with attention and respect paid to the identity and history of each of these machines. When it comes to game modes, you can start a quick game with strangers or friends, or you can choose to create a custom game. The possibility of playing solo is offered, even if the War Thunder's key feature is the clashes between humans. Once you've mastered the basics of the game, you can play in historical battles, taking part in the battles of World War II and adding many details (such as fuel management) that will make for the most intense and realistic fighting.

An excellent game system you can get to grips with immediately War Thunder fights are exciting, thanks to the game system that offers a perfect balance between fun and realism. You have to adjust your aim based on the enemy's path and above all dodge enemy bursts to avoid taking hits on critical areas on your aircraft.

War Thunder is very well structured and offers you the chance to start off slowly with a very quick tutorial teaching you the basics so you can get stuck into the heart of the game (the clashes between players). You'll then have the freedom to do the other tutorials at your own pace, which will get you started in the most advanced game modes. By Anonymous Just great simulator.

I startad playing War Thunder when it was just aircraft simulator and spend about half a y. Just great simulator. I startad playing War Thunder when it was just aircraft simulator and spend about half a year in this game.

War Thunder Mac Download ErrorWar Thunder Mac Download Error
War Thunder Mac Download Error

It's absolutely 100% good and must play so you better try it out ASAP. By the way you'll need up to date game client wich you can download only on War Thunder official website. You can check how to do it here: Pros: Aircraft mechanics Realistic tank war experience Cons: there is a little problems with balance but is's rather okay than not reviewed on June 7, 2016 •.

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